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Reliance Jio Mansoon offer : How to get a New Jio Phone in Rs. 501. Read for full procedure.


Reliance Jio Mansoon offer : How to get a New Jio Phone in Rs.501. Read for full procedure.

Reliance Jio’s proposal can be availed of immediate benefit at the retail point of exchange of any old 2G / 3G / 4G (non-VoLTE) phone.
Reliance Jio phone will be available under Jio Mansoon Hangama Offer only in Rs.501  with this offer anyone can exchange any old feature phone of any brand for a brand new Jio phone on the cost of Rs.501.

How to Get a new Jio phone
This offer can be availed instantly at the retail point, on exchanging 2G/3G/4G (non VoLTE) phone. Even Rs.501 is also a 100 percent refundable security deposit at the end of three year.
Reliance Jio ‘Mansoon Humgama offer’ in detial.
Customer should ensure that the old phone which is going to be exchange must be in working condition and with charger. Old must be handed to the retailer at the time of purchasing new Jio phone. 
Mobile which were purchased in last 3.5 years (from January 1, 2015) are only eligible for exchange. Customer will get a new Jio SIM with the Jio phone and can also port their existing number. by opting mobile number portability (MNP).

Reliance Jio special recharge plan.
Reliance Jio is also offering special recharge plan under this offer. User will get unlimited voice and data for 6 months on cost of only Rs.594 at the time of activation. Jio phone users under the Mansoon Hungama exchange offer will also get a special exchange bonus of 6GB data voucher Rs.101 this adds upto total data of 90GB for 6 months.
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