Home android Apple could introduce three devices with iPhone X design read full details...

Apple could introduce three devices with iPhone X design read full details here.

Apple could introduce three devices with iPhone X design read full details here.

  Apple will release three new iPhones this year and the final details about those devices are now revealed by Bloomberg’s latest report, which tells the infamous people of the publication “familiar with this matter”.

Three new iPhones will adopt edge-edge designs with a notch and face ID instead of all Touch IDs, and they will use all the new gesture navigation interfaces that Apple has introduced with the iPhone X.

There will be a 6.1 inch iPhone with an ICD screen, which is the cheapest of the bunch, and the only one of the three in which there will be a camera behind it.

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 Then, there will be an iPhone X successor, which will present performance and camera improvements, which are mostly seen as the S upgrade in the previous year’s model. In the end, Apple will also bring more estimated premium iPhone Plus models with 6.5 inch OLDD display and all-out specs. 

 The three models have the following codenames within Apple: N84 (LCD model), D32 (iPhone X successor) and D33 (plus model).

What is interesting in this report is another confirmation that we will see more diverse prices with this year’s model, which means that you will not be limited to only $ 1,000, 

but there is a possibility of more affordable and more premium options available. With the sale of smartphones, Apple is still on its way to increase prices to maintain margins for its products.

The most interesting of these three new models is the premium plus size new iPhone, D 33. With a 6.5-inch display, it will be the largest iPhone so far, and it will feature X-like glass and metal fabrication.  

The new thing is that you should be able to use the split-screen view on more apps. Unfortunately, it seems that the rumors of behind three cameras do not come this year at least.
A new report from Bloomberg confirms past rumors and lines with the original report of Ming-Chi Kuo from November 2017.

 It seems Apple is going to present three new phones in September – an updated iPhone X, a big phone and a successor iPhone 8 with iPhone X design.Updated iPhone X with a better system-on-a-chip and better camera can be considered as “s upgrade”.  

The phone itself can look like iPhone X which you can buy today. But you can thank you for the fast performance created by an updated A12 chip and TSCMC designed by Apple.

The large device can have a huge 6.5-inch display. It has the updated features like the updated iPhone X – stainless steel edges, two cameras on the back, an OLDD display etc.

 In this model some countries can have two SIM slots so that it can be easier to move in other regions and countries.

The more interesting thing is that Apple wants to replace the iPhone X with an iPhone-inspired device. May cost iPhone 8 today, but it should be a big upgrade for those who are focused on the entry level model.

Of course, there will be some agreement. For example, apple stainless steel edges will be replaced with aluminum edges. There should be a camera on the back And the performance will not be as fast as it should have a 6.1-inch LCD display.

The previous rumor indicated that this new model could come in a wide range of colors including gray, white, blue, red and orange. Bloomberg has confirmed that the deviation of the home button means that this phone will get Face ID.

On behalf of the software, it seems that a large 6.5 inch iPhone can allow you to run two apps side-side, like opening two apps on the iPad. If Apple adheres to its normal pattern, then the company should unveil these new devices in a few weeks.

Another curious expansion is a confirmation that we will actually see the dual sim version of iPhones for the first time in some markets.

New iPhones are well on their way to launch in September and are internally known internally as S-year upgrades instead of a major revolution.

What will they be called? Apple is struggling with the naming of the device itself: The company has called the iPhone Xs using the plus name for the larger model, but it seems that it has not yet settled on the last name.


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