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How to setup wordpress blog for free? Tutorial | Blogger | WordPress | Blogger Help Series Part 2


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When we talk about blogging, what comes to your mind? These can be two WordPress,Blogspot Yes, WordPress and Blogger are two platforms you may like to post.

As you can see in this graph, WordPress is fast growing and is drawing everyone’s attention. Many users like blogging with blogspots because there are less technical issues. But many users love WordPress due to their increased features and power.I recommend starting with wordpress.com for a while and when you become acquainted with blogging with it, go to WordPress as well as write a new blog because I have wordpress.com and wordpress Org has explained the difference between. BlogsAs the blogspot is free but stick with it. In this article, we will compare between WordPress and Blogspot. We will discuss all the points between them and then you can make your best decisions for choosing the platform according to your need.The difference between WordPress and Blogger

    OwnershipBlogspot is a blogging service provided by Google. It’s free, trustworthy and really good to publish your blogging content on the web. Google may stop its service at any time. So, you have no right to use it.When using WordPress, you will definitely need a hosting provider to host your site. You have full power to run or stop service. You own your data and have complete control over the information you want to share.

    ControlThere is another big difference control between WordPress and Blogger. If you use Blogspot, then you are with a limited tool that will allow you to do some relevant work on your website. This is a tuned service but there are some limitations that will not allow you to expand your service.If you are a serious business owner, you will definitely go to WordPress because it is an open-source software. You can customize it at any time. There are many free wordpress plugins with whom you can extend the default features like adding store to your website and portfolio etc. Therefore, WordPress is the best and long-term solution for your business.

    AppearanceWordPress vs blogpostBlogSpot offers a limited number of templates. However you can change the color and layout of these templates. You can use the built-in tools for this but you can not make any modifications in it, that means you can not customize it. Some non-official templates of Blogger are also available but they are very low quality.Now, if we talk about WordPress, there are thousands of free and paid responsive wordpress themes available to create a professional website. It does not matter what your site really is, you will find a lot of themes in which you get the theme’s relevance with your particular site.

    PortabilityThe difference between WordPress and blogpostIf we talk about portability, then taking your site from a blogspot to a different platform is really a daunting task. There are some risks in it that you may lose SEO, customers, or be your followers. Your data will remain on Google’s servers for a very long time

If you are using WordPress, your site can be moved anywhere. There are many options because you can move your WordPress site to a new host, change the domain name, or take your site to another CMS.

So, you can see how WordPress is performing. Even if you compare SEO to WordPress and Blogger, WordPress offers more SEO benefits.

    SecurityWhen using BlogSpot, you already have Google’s strongest secure platform. Anxiety should be negligible in terms of managing your server resources, securing blogs and making backups.

WordPress is safe on the other hand, but as you know it is WordPress.org which means a self-hosting service, you will be responsible for security and backup. If you use WordPress plugins for this, it can be really easy for you.ConclusionBoth WordPress and Blogger have their own number. If you want to write a simple blog post, you can use simple blogspot platform but WordPress will be a great platform for you to write a professional blog.

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