Apple has announced the date to introduce its new iPhone, there is a rumor to say the iPhone Xs.

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On Thursday, September 12, at the Steve Jobs Theater, the official apple invitation for a special launch ceremony said, “Gather the round.” The unveiling starts at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET) from the Apple headquarters in Cooptarno, California.

Undoubtedly, no other details are included in the invitation, but the iPhone rumors tell us that we know what to expect.

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The 9to5Mac popular apple blog says that there are new phone photos in it, which will be introduced next month as “iPhone Xs”.  

This 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch model will have a better design, an OLDD screen and a new gold color; The iPhone X is currently only available in black and white.

9to5Mac says that he has confirmed that the new iPhone will be called iPhone XS, which makes sense. 

 The previous iPhone model has got the name “S” (iPhone 4S, iPhone 6S, etc.) and Apple has recently introduced the iPhone X; Speaking of “iPhone Ten”, the company left “iPhone 9” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its smartphone.

Of course, if “iPhone X” is called “iPhone Tane”, then it may be difficult to persuade customers to call iPhone Xs like iPhone X (iPhone Tens Ace) when it comes to iPhone Axas (or iPhone Extra Small ) sees like.

Using Face ID face recognition to unlock the device, the iPhone X does not have a new super retina display and no home button.

 Apple has tweaked for better AR (advanced reality) experiences with a better A11 chip and 12 mp dual camera with wireless charging capability, vigorous speakers, six core CPUs, 4 videos, like Pokemon like last year low hyphen iphone 8 Got added go away.

In a Washington Post report, Apple is expected to introduce a cheap iPhone model, a new Apple Watch, a new wireless airship headphone and possibly an updated iPad Pro from Apple. 

 Bloomberg says that the company can also add a cheap, lightweight MacBook, which is intended for students and others with a difficult budget for laptops.

As always, Apple has not responded to any reports of rumors. Details, including pricing and availability, will be announced on September 12 in the Apple Program; The new iPhone is expected to get a release date later in the month.

Apple accidentally unveils radical New iPhone Xs

 By leaving the signal about its new iPhone deep inside iOS 12, the company has now accidentally opened the official image of its iPhone X and iPhone XS Plus … 
 The credit for search goes to 9to5Mac and its almost unmistakable tipster, Guilherme Rambo, who finalized the final press photography of the new iPhone with a new color confirmation.

Apple’s new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone x 9to5mac

The interesting thing is that the image is hardly the least interesting part of the leak. This second-generation 5.8-inch iPhone X and new SuperSerized 6.5-inch models (for which we already know all the specifications) show, 

as well as the gold finish apple tested with the original iPhone X but never released did. Both models also have a notch, although the strategically located wallpaper obscures it.

But the real attraction is the choice of apple choice.

Rambo says, “We believe that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone will be called the iPhone XS.” It will use the same name for Apple’s 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro.

And yet, when it comes to the iPhone, it only produces problems. So far as Apple’s most successful and most mainstream product, iPhone needs easy identification between sizes. 

 It also establishes a situation where the successors of the phone become iPhone XI, XIS, XII, XIIS and so forth, which is surrounded to say the least.

Apple’s 2018 new iPhone – Single Camera Spot for iPhone 9 is easy for MKBHDEven in the air is the naming of the exciting iPhone 9 (I’m just predicting ‘the iPhone’), 

which is ready to dominate the sales interest due to aggressive low prices. Regardless of recent disclosures, there are some potential bargaining agreements in the model and the launch will be delayed.

And yet it seems that any of these issues will affect the sale of these new iPhones. After several years of stagnation, 

the apple is finally reviving the entire iPhone line-up and it’s just the beginning. The next iPhone will go back in the future to watch the apple wow crowd.


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