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John McCain to Discontinue Treatment for Brain Cancer, Family Says


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Will no longer receive medical treatment, his family announced on Friday. Since last July announcement, 81-year-old Senator is battling brain cancer because he was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor named Glioblastoma.

John McCain to Discontinue Treatment for Brain Cancer, Family Says

His family said in a statement, “Since that year, John has overcome expectations for his existence.” “But the progress of the disease and the unknown advance of age present their decision. With their usual strength of desire, they have now opted to stop medical treatment.

“Our family is very grateful for the support and kindness of all those carers during the past year, and to continue with concern and affection for many friends and colleagues of John, and thousands of people who keep them in their prayers. “

His daughter, Meghan McCain, tweeted that his family “appreciated all the love and generosity we showed during the past year … … we could not make it without you so far – you gave us strength Stay engaged. “

In July 2017, McCain had done surgery to remove blood clots above his left eye in Phoenix. The Mayo Clinic announced that tissue analysis showed that McCain had glioblastoma.

McCain returned to Washington, DC, later that month to cancel a cheaper Care Act against Republicans, to cast a decisive vote. He told the MPs that “returning to the right of the legislature and sending the bill back to the committee, hearing, receiving input from both sides of the corridor, paying attention to the recommendations of the governors of the country, and ultimately providing affordable health care to the American People. “

President Trump criticized McCain’s vote, tweeting that the senator was among those “let the American people go down.”
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Since he continued his work in the final fall in the Senate, McCain attended chemotherapy and radiation rounds at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.

Senator from Washington has been absent from December, when he went home in Arizona to treat viral infections. In recent months, he is receiving visitors including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen Lindsay Graham and retired Sen. Lieberman.

Republicans have struggled to discuss the future of McCain’s seat in the Senate.

McCain U. S. Have been in the Senate for more than 30 years and served for almost a long time in the Navy. During the Vietnam War, he was spent and occupied more than five years in the notorious “Hanoi Hilton” prison. He ran for president twice, and in 2008, he was nominated for his party to defeat Barack Obama.

McCain writes in his memoir The Restless Wave, published in May, “It’s quite a ride.” “I made a small space for myself in America’s story and in my history of time.”

“Last summer, Senator John McCain shared with the Americans that our family already knew: they were diagnosed with aggressive glioblastoma, and the prediction was serious. From that year, John passed the expectations for his existence. But the progress of the disease and the unknown advance of age present their decision, “the family said in a statement. “With their usual strength of desire, they have now opted to stop medical treatment.”

81-year-old Mr. McCain was undergoing treatment since July 2017, and is absent from Washington since December. Mr. McKen’s family is gathered in Arizona, and the closest people to him say that his death is near.

From his farm in Arizona, Mr. McCain managed to retain the voice in the main foreign policy and military policy debate, President Vladimir Putin, an old anti-Russian president of Mr. McCain. Following his summit with Putin, President Trump’s critically acclaimed. At home, he has welcomed close friends to renew the relationship. But after decades of stability in Washington and as a big character of life, he started to retreat from public eyes on a large scale.

Both the senators of the parties immediately wrote for the comfort of Mr. McCain’s family and appreciated their service. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, a Republican majority leader and sometimes McCain Sparing Partner, wrote on Twitter that Mr. McCain was a “sweet friend”, with whom he was fortunate to serve the Senate.

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island said, “In these peaceful last hours, surrounded by John and his beloved family, friends and friends from around the world can have prayer and affection.”

Four Star Naval Admiral’s sons and grandchildren who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, Mr. McCain became a large-scale one in American politics, twice in the demand for presidential status and winning 2008 Republican nominations President for An iconclass has been criticized by many people, including Mr. Trump, in the Senate, for their willingness to spend their party on issues like trademark improvement and canceling the Affordable Care Act in the last summer.

Under Mr Trump’s leadership, Mr. McCain has noticed that his party has long been far away from many of the championed values. A giant and interventionist, a fierce lawyer for American foreign policy, Mr. McCain has shouted because Mr. Trump moved the party towards “America First” policies, for a long time criticizing the American colleagues and NATO institutions such as Russia Praising the rivals

For decades, Mr. McCain advocated for the refugees and in a few attempts to end the American pioneering immigration system, the Republican voice – a major – if one was the key. Mr. Trump has tried to limit both strictly.

Although he was unable to vote on the Republican tax cut bill at the end of last year, the support of the top trump priority, Mr. McCain, helped secure his route.

Nevertheless, neither Mr. McCain nor Mr. Trump stopped him from removing his differences, often with the results of injuries.

As a candidate, Mr. Trump openly said that he did not consider Mr. McCain a war hero and said that he “likes those people who were not in the occupation.” Since Mr. McCain helped kill the Republican effort to cancel the Affordable Care Act. Trump has voted for the head of his stump speeches to reduce the thumb of Arizona Republicans.

Mr Trump said in a rally in June, “It was not a good thing when he put the thumb down.”

And this month, when Mr. Trump signed the law, a huge defense policy bill named after Mr. McCain, the President did not mention the senator who is the president of the Armed Services Committee.

Mr. McCain has not even kept his tongue.

In his last book “The Restless Wave”, published in May, Mr. McCain criticized the moral character of Mr. Trump, which was warned against his obvious appreciation for divine leaders and his sharp crackdown on immigration. Mr Trump accepted Mr. Trump after refusing to intervene in Russia elections, Mr. McCain wrote an explosive statement, in which the summit was called “one of the most outrageous demonstrations by the American president in memory.”

Mr. McCain has made it clear that he intends to remain a senator till his death. To appoint its successor to serve this through 2020, a Republican will fall to the Gog Ducie of Arizona.

Choice is not a simple one. In order to replace retired Senator Jeff Flake in November, there is already an open competition in the state and the next Tuesday is a competing Republican primary.

Mr Deuci’s representative can give the name of Martha Maksali, a relatively moderate Air Force fighter pilot who is running in the Republican primary to replace Mr. Flake.

In doing so, he will ensure that Republicans’ favorite Ms. Maksley, in Washington, seat in the Senate.

But with such a move, Mr. ArpeAn increase in the possibilities of losing the Democrats. Mr. Mr McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, could also be selected for the duty seat. But Ms. McCain is a relative middle and Republican leaders in Washington can make it more difficult to keep their narrow majority together on important votes.


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