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Kerala floods updates: Narendra Modi reaches Thiruvananthapuram, will take aerial survey of state tomorrow | Helpline no for kerla flood

More than 3.3 lakh people displaced from death in August 194

Kerala floods updates: Narendra Modi reaches Thiruvananthapuram, will take aerial survey of state tomorrow | Helpline no for kerla flood
kerla flood

According to the State Disaster Management Authority, since August 8, at least 194 people have lost their lives in 14 districts of Kerala. Most of the deaths occurred from Thrissur (42), while Wayanad damaged houses and properties the most, followed by Palakkad closely followed. Malappuram had to face the most serious damage to crops among all the districts.
Input by Deepu Abe Verghese / 101 Reporter

Helpline number for Kerala districts
Number of District Collectors for Rescue

help. Commissioner (DM)Mob No-8547610004
2Kollam0474-27940049447557736CommissionerMob No-8547610000
1 1Kozhikod0495-2371002854716018

Details of SSP / SP of District KeralaS.NoName districtmobileOffice numberResidential Numberfax no1SP TVM RL94979969850471-231580323175452315803
2SP KLM City94979969080474-276442254595552744165
3SP PTA94979969830468-222263622226372222636
4SP Alpi94979996820477-223932622305272263600
5Kp ktm94979969800481-256470025781152564700
6SP IDI949799698104862-23235422330042233006
7SP EKM RL94979969790484-262355026040802623550
8SP TSR RL94979969780487-23610002363601
9SP PKD94979969770491-253401125332762534011
10SP MPM94979969760483-273437727343842734377
1 1SP KKD RL94979969750496-252310025179882523100
12SP YWD949799697404936-202525202,500202,525
13SP KNR94979969730497-276333027633312763330
14SP KSD949799697204994-257401255,301230,401
15SP Traffic SZ94471056190471-2324001

 16SP Traffic NZ94979964370495-2769190

Kerala’s latest update floods: Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram. He will stay in Kerala Raj Bhavan overnight and on Saturday morning will conduct aerial survey of the flood affected state.
“In Pathanthitta, the situation in Chengnur is getting worse with the moment of every passing day on the third day, without any water and medicines of food in any interior areas, unless immediate steps are taken to reach them, A large number of people were killed, “said CPI (M) legislator Saji Cherian of Chezinur.
The Chief Minister of Telangana has offered assistance of Rs 25 crore, while Delhi and Punjab have offered Rs 10 crore to help flood affected Kerala. Conservative estimates have so far suggested that the state has faced a loss of Rs. 10,000 crores, however, an official figure has not yet been released.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan said that the rescue operation was not good today. He said that more than 84,000 people have been evacuated today but the situation in Chalakudi and Chengannur districts has been serious.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone from New Delhi to Kochi She will arrive at around 9 pm on Friday and will conduct a state survey tomorrow.
Kerala Chief Minister, Pinaray Vijayan said in an appeal for help and donation that so far 324 people have lost and 2,23,139 people are in 1500+ relief camps. The state is affected by unprecedented rainfall, which forced the authorities to open the doors of 80 dams in southern India. In the last 100 years it is said to be the worst disaster to kill the state.
In order to help the people stranded in Kerala, the Indian Navy has sent the Fleet Recruitment Tanker, Mumbai with 8 lakh liters of drinking water to INS Deepak. The ship has been scheduled to reach Kochi on August 19th.
Over 15000 people have been rescued by a joint rescue team. However, thousands of people on the roof are still waiting for help in three districts of Pathanmthitta, Ernakulam and Thrissur. Some areas of Aluva in Pandanad and Malakarara, Ernakulam in Pathanamthitta and Chalakudi in Thrissur have also been closed due to heavy floods.
In addition to the rubber boats brought by armed forces and coast guards, about 200 fishing boats have also been deployed to rescue the stranded people in flood affected areas. Boats brought by fishermen are small and can negotiate on narrow areas. Apart from this, the fishermen are also familiar with the circumstances.
NDRF said that it has shifted more than 4,000 people to safer places and saved 44 others from the flood-hit areas of Kerala in the last 9 days, even though its personnel have been forced to cut down on remote areas due to landslides. Have struggled.
More than 100 people died in Kerala-related incidents in the last 24 hours in Kerala, sources in the State Disaster Management Authority said that the security forces increased the operation to save the stranded people in the worst areas this morning. Sources said that on Thursday, the toll has turned 106 on Thursday, which has been eliminated on August 8 after the second magic of monsoon anger, which leads to a total of 173 deaths.
On Friday, the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) has met for the second time in two days in Delhi to review the rescue and relief operations in flood affected areas of Kerala. Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha, who chaired the meeting, organized a video conference with the Chief Secretaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. To provide necessary assistance to Kerala, it was decided to gather additional resources of all agencies including Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).
The Supreme Court directed the sub-committee under the National Committee for the Disaster Management Act 2005, the Court Appointed Committee and the Crisis Management to ascertain the possibility of reducing the level of water in Mulperaria dam reservoir from 142 feet to 139 feet. is.With the Tangbhadra river, conditions have increased in North Karnataka. Image Courtesy: Raghottam / 101 Reporter
With the Tangbhadra river, conditions have increased in North Karnataka. Image Courtesy: Raghottam / 101 Reporter
The Chalakudi river and Periyar are both at the same level but the water is not getting reduced. A landslide occurred in Mannandwadi in Wayanad, but there was no accident.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan has demanded more central forces for the rescue of the state government in the rescue operation. According to him, 16 teams of Army, 13 navy teams, 10 air force teams and 39 teams of NDRF are now involved in the operation. NDRF has so far saved 4,000 people and Navy 550. Explaining the rescue and relief work in Kerala, the chief of the Forest Department of Health Department, Kerala Forest Research Institute, which is conducting three helpline routes, told FirstPost that there are three groups, out of Kerala, which are currently defending Coordinating the campaign – National Defense Rescue Force, Navy and Air Force
“He has divided Kerala into three parts for the purpose of operational efficiency: Rescue activities are coordinated at the district level. Each District Collector is operating the District Coordination Center and in addition, there is its own defense team. Official helpline has been set up in institutions and offices. “
According to Savjee, those who are stuck with their places, the role of managing the helpline is to break into geographical coordinates and then transfer information to the District Coordination Center. “Here, it has been assigned to various rescue teams prepared by various armies or district teams, who are being shifted to relief camps in the districts providing housing, food and basic medical care services to the survivors. The camp is also the entire district. “
Kerala Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan has demanded more central forces for the rescue of the state government in the rescue operation. According to him, 16 teams of Army, 13 navy teams, 10 air force teams and 39 teams of NDRF are now involved in the operation. NDRF has so far saved 4,000 people and Navy 550
Pinaray Vijayan said, “In total 11 helicopters have been deployed to save the people stranded in Kerala. We have appealed to the Center to provide more helicopter for the rescue operation. We are not able to deploy the boats, Aluva, we have got more than 140 boats this morning, there are some areas which are high and people are only allowed by helicopters. Ra can be saved. A total of 16 units of troops deployed across the state. “
Pinaray Vijayan addressed the media and said that at least 164 people have been killed since August 8 due to floods and landslides. Vijayan said, “At least 4,000 people have been rescued by NDRF till now.” A total of 70 people have been evacuated from different parts of the city and 1,568 relief camps have been opened in the state. “
Southern Railway has canceled all trains going from Mangalore to Tamil Nadu. This step was taken after the flood of railway lines in the Palghat-Shoranur section.
Shutter of Thotapali Spillway has been opened in Alappuzha district. Traffic with Al-47 between Alappuzha and Thiruvananthapuram has been suspended for the next three hours as the water on the highway will be swept away.
The district administration has appointed the officials to provide shelter to the houses. District Minister Saa Mahesh is camping at the District Surveillance Rescue Center. Meanwhile, the road connecting Kutta from Goenicoppa has been blocked.
NH 47 between Alappuzha and Thiruvananthapuram will be blocked on Friday as spotways shutter will be opened at 11 o’clock for a while.
Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted that he talked to Kerala Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan on phone and requested him for more helicopters. He said that he has instructed the Vice Chief of Air Staff to provide necessary assistance.
BSNL Kerala has announced unlimited free calls for seven days from Friday in four rain-affected districts of Kerala – Venu, Idukki, Alleppey and Pathanmthitta. It includes unlimited SMS and daily non-BSNL numbers for 20 minutes free calling.
On Friday, red alert has been issued in all 13 districts except Kasargod. In the ANI report, red alert has been issued in Ernakulam and Idukki districts on Saturday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi handled the situation in Kerala because he talked to the Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan on the phone. “There was a telephone conversation with Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan and we discussed the condition of flood situation across the state and reviewed the rescue operation. Later on in the evening, I was going to Kerala to take shelter of unfortunate condition due to floods. I am, “Narendra Modi tweeted.
In heavy relief on the banks of the Periyar river, the government has decided not to leave the water ahead of the Idukki Dam. The government has issued an advisory warning to the river Cauvery because it is ready to leave more water in the river and its tributaries by the King and Krishna King Sagar Dam. More than 2.1 lakh cusecs of water is expected to reach Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu.

Indian Army, State Police and Local Rescue Group are engaged in rescue operation in Pathanmothitta, Rani and Chengan areas, which are submerged in flood waters. More men, including special forces with diving and rescue equipment and helicopters, are being deployed because different parts of the districts are being called for rescue.
Fishermen of Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram have joined army and state police to save the people trapped in Pathanmthitta district after floods in the Pump river and its tributaries. About 130 fishermen who know swimming are pressed into action by the Trivandrum Latin Church Bishop. Fishermen have reached Patnhamthitta with 50 fishing boats.
Kochi International Airport extended the suspension of all services on Thursday August 26 by 2 o’clock, in which large sections of facilities flooded. “The operation of Kochi Airport has been temporarily suspended till 2 a.m. on August 26 due to the excessive flood situation and key essential features like runway, taxiway and apron.Sinking condition, “said in an airport statement.
In Ernakulam, Thrissur, Pathanmthitta, Kottayam and Alappuzha districts thousands of people are stranded in flood affected areas, rescue teams are waiting to save their lives. Most of the people are trapped without water, food and medicines for two to three days on the upper floors of roofs, houses, apartments and hospitals. They include a large number of sick and old people, pregnant women and children.
In a press conference held on Thursday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told that the situation is going on completely in Kerala, the rescue mission is going on completely. At present 1.5 lakh people are in refugee camps. Nearly 3,000 people were rescued on Thursday in Ernakulam and Patsamthitta. According to the Chief Minister’s Office, the Center and the State are simultaneously conducting rescue operation.
Union Minister K J Alphonse said on Thursday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to Kerala and on Saturday aerial survey of the worst areas of flood. Modi is expected to reach Kochi on Friday after participating in the funeral of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, scheduled for 4 o’clock in Delhi tomorrow. After staying overnight in Kochi, the Prime Minister will conduct aerial survey of flood affected areas on Saturday, Alfons said.
Modi has already been in touch with Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan and he assured all assistance. On the relief measures, the Prime Minister has taken a “positive attitude” towards the state, Vijayan said on Wednesday after talking to him for the second time in the last few days.
After the rains, Kerala has been destroyed by unprecedented floods, which started landslide, claimed 97 people from August 8 and obstructed air, rail and road traffic in many places. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had conducted an aerial survey of float-hit areas on August 12 and announced immediate central assistance of Rs 100 crore to the state for relief work.
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