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New update of Instagram and Tinder go back to school with features just for college kids. Full details about update.


New update of Instagram and Tinder go back to school with features just for college kids. Because Instagram and Tinder started on college campuses  and so it make sense that their latest features mark a return to those humble origins.

New update of Instagram and Tinder go back to school with features just for college kids. Full details about update.
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Facebook Owned Instagram which is the very trending platform in social media it is the brightest part of the Facebook company. Instagram is going to start a new feature called College community feature.
As we know that Instagram have millions of users so this college community feature will going to help students to connect their classmates easily On this world famous platform.
Not Only Facebook owned Instagram but also The Tinder which is owned by the match group also recently introduced a new feature for the college students to find a match in their college or class.
I think tinder’s this feature will going to be best tools for the students who gets shy to tell their crush that they like him/her.
Tinder’s this feature will allow students to tailor there searches specifically to fellow students at their school and campus nearby.
The new features of both of the platforms looking like the homecoming, because they both were started on the college campus but didn’t do anything specifically for the college students and college campus.
This features will make students life more to socialize without any hesitating via these platform  and also now every lover can tell their crush that he/she likes her/him by just swipe right.
The thinking of the experts on this features are this a big issue that social media is not only connecting peoples but somewhere they have big role in slowing the development and also a very big issue is privacy and fake news. 
These are the big point they have to handle with very carefully. The Professor Vanitha Swaminathan (a social media and a branding expert at the university of Pittsburg’s Business School) ” The Next frontier for social media platform is not clear. But it possible there’s a sift back to the basics.”

But The companies are saying thatwe are here to just make communities and making sure that we are enabling connections for that community not only national and international basis but also local basis too.”
But In my thinking “this move of companies at local level will going to have a big privacy issue as anyone can misuse it by just filling wrong information. and this can lead any big crime. I think company should add a button for the people who don’t want to show their profile and details even on local level connection so that they can hide themselves.”
 Zeroing in college students makes senses on Instagram and tinder say. Both platforms are enjoying tremendous popularity among young adults and these features could help them to expand their user bases and keep the peoples who are moving to their competitors platform.
“The focus of the user is basically more than ever before.” There are apps for networking, dating … news, shopping and entertainment, “said Lalin Anik, marketing expert of the Darden School of Business in Virginia, who influenced the social connections Study on consumer behavior. “Social media veterans are looking for novel methods to attract young people and keep the current base.”

According to the estimator estimate, 62% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 will use Instagram this year. This figure is behind the parent company Facebook (69%), and the rival snapchat (SNAP) (84%).

“It can be a way of using more Instagram for more people in this demographic,” said Debra Aho Williamson, the chief analyst for the eMarcheter.

Williamson says that it also shows that young media is thinking about social media.

“[They] are focusing more on communicating with a small, more intimate group, this is one way of providing the ability to limit your audience to the college market.” “For privacy reasons, young people are not interested in posting to a wider audience widely.”

New features of Instagram and Tinder can help those platforms feel a little bit more personal.


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