Home android Dual SIM iPhones confirmed by China Telecom and China Mobile

Dual SIM iPhones confirmed by China Telecom and China Mobile


Dual SIM iPhones confirmed by China Telecom and China Mobile

Dual SIM iPhones confirmed by China Telecom and China Mobile


Apple was originally there with increasing eSIM support, but the rumors of dual sim iPhone make for a surprising turn toward user-friendliness. An image posted on China Telecom’s Facebook page effectively convinces that such a model is on the way.

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China Telecom has confirmed the Dual SIM iPhone X

It can be just one of the 2018 iPhone models – analysts believe that it will be 6.1 “LCD, the cheapest of all three.” However, look at the dual SIM – it’s different from the first photographed, Either way, initial reports indicate that this dual sim functionality will be specific to China.

Dual SIM card tray will be supported by a competent modem, which will support dual 4G connectivity and cover various network types of China Telecom.

China Mobile 2 SIM iPhone will also be offered because it indicates with this cheek image that he posted on his Facebook page. Whether Dual SIM or not, there will be all three models on offer.

There will be three models in China Mobile, in which there will be three models with 2 SIM one China Mobile, including Dual SIMChina Mobile will have all three models, including Dual SIM

2018 iPhones will be unveiled on September 12 (this Wednesday). We hope to see Apple Watch Series 4 and maybe a new iPad Pro.

Recently many suggestions have been given that this year’s iPhone can support Dual Sims. First from Ming-Chi Kuo, it was reported that this flagship model will be applicable to the 6.5-inch OLDD iPhone.

We found support in iOS 12 Beta 5 with references to ‘second SIM status’, ‘second SIM tray status’ and ‘dual sim device’.

However, on Friday a new report was less encouraging …

Economic Daily News said that the Dual SIM option will only apply to the off-the-line LCD model below, and then only applicable to China.

Dual SIM phones are particularly popular in China for two reasons. First of all, number portability is not present in the country, and mobile numbers are tied to a particular city or province.  

So if a new city goes, then their old number will not work either, or will be used at more expensive roaming rates.

Second, network coverage varies widely across the country. If you travel around, you will find that there is good coverage in a network whereas no one else does the work. This is a special issue for those who travel further and further between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Third, there is less carrier competition, which means that you can get better voice rates than a carrier, but better data rates than the other If you wish to switch networks, you will get the best deal.

But when none of these factors apply to America or Europe, even then the Dual SIM can be very useful. Issuing with a work phone is not uncommon,

 which means that some people have trouble carrying two phones with them. Being able to work in a phone and using individual SIMs will be much more convenient. 

 And if you travel internationally, you can save a lot of money often to buy a local SIM while you are living in the country.

I would love to think that the Apple iPhone will make the Dual Sim Support standard both in models and countries,

 but sadly I do not think it is possible. The company is going into the embedded SIM in the iPad, and I suspect it is planning to do this for iPhones.

The use of embedded iPad SIM is currently optional – if you want you can put a physical one – that’s why Apple does not have a deal with all the carriers so far. 

 I believe that the company has a long term goal, at which point it may lose two unwanted design elements: the sim slot itself, and the pinh-hole next to it I’m pretty sure that Joni would like to be able to do this.

Losing physical SIM slot will improve the iPhone’s waterproof also.

As much as I want to see that dual SIM slots will become standard, my money is opposite on Apple so that the opposite time can be done: Go to the zero SIM tray.



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