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Samsung Galaxy Phone With 4 Cameras Expected to Be Launched on October 11


Samsung has now announced a new Galaxy event on October 11, and a new Galaxy smartphone is expected to launch with as many as four cameras. 

Samsung Galaxy Phone With 4 Cameras Expected to Be Launched on October 11

Tipsters indicate that the four cameras are not inclusive of two cameras in the front and two cameras at the back, but that there will be as many as four cameras at the rear end of the smartphone.

 There is no word on what this smartphone will be, and Samsung doing an event in October is out of tradition as well.

 However, a past leak seems to assert that the new smartphone won’t be the new Galaxy ‘F’ series, nor will it be the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Mobile has published a tweet with the words, ‘4x fun’, and confirms an event on October 11.

 The smartphone company has even announced that the event will be live streamed on the Samsung website. This is in line with what tipster Ice Universe suggested a week ago.

 He suggested that Samsung is set to launch a smartphone with four rear cameras in 2018, and now the company has sent out a confirmation for an October event.

Samsung is also expected to launch its first bendable smartphone this year, and while reports suggest a November launch, this could well be the event where we see the first bendable device launch for commercial usage.

Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh on the sidelines of IFA 2018 announced that the handset might become a reality at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) this November in San Francisco,

so the October event could be about something else altogether. It could also be the new Galaxy A (2019) series that traditionally launches during the December- January timeline.

 This new series is expected to sport triple cameras at the back, and an in-display fingerprint scanner as well.

Of course, all of this is speculation at this point and we recommend you to take everything lightly. Samsung will announce all the details at the event on October 11, and Gadgets 360 will be sure to cover it. Stay tuned.

Smartphones are no longer meant solely for communications as companies add advanced capabilities to do much more.

 Cameras are a significant part of smartphones these days and brands are trying up the game with each release.

Samsung, one of the innovation leaders in the smartphone space, has confirmed an event for October 11, where it is hinting at a Galaxy smartphone with focus on the camera.

We’ve already seen Samsung Galaxy S9 and more recently Galaxy Note 9 redefine the flagship nature of smartphones, nonetheless the competition remains stringent.

 In a bid to stay ahead of the competition, Samsung has something special in store for fans. Going by the hint dropped on the company’s official Twitter handle, a new Galaxy smartphone promises “4x Fun.”

Samsung could be hinting at either 4x zoom or 4 cameras here. But noted tipster Ice Universe suggested weeks ago that a Samsung smartphone with four cameras could be launched in 2018.

 Now with Samsung’s confirmation for an October event perfectly fits the bill.

Samsung Galaxy Event

Samsung hosting an event in October after launching the Galaxy Note 9 flagship only a month ago is out of tradition.

 Ice Universe had also asserted that the upcoming Galaxy phone won’t be called the Galaxy S10 or the long-rumoured Galaxy F.

The tipster also suggested that all the four cameras will be placed at the back, making it the first smartphone with a quad-camera setup.

Alternatively, Samsung could also be referring to 4X optical zoom for a new Galaxy phone.

 All the current flagships, including the Galaxy Note 9, come with 2X optical zoom and offering 4X zoom could actually mean a significant bump in the camera capabilities.

 There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this new Galaxy phone, which will only be revealed by Samsung on the day of launch next month.

Samsung’s “Galaxy Event” will be live-streamed on its official website on October 11, which leaves us with less than a month of anticipation. Stay tuned for updates.

Four cameras on a mid-range phone also fall in line with Samsung CEO DJ Koh’s recent statement.

“In the past, I brought the new technology and differentiation to the flagship model and then moved to the mid-end.

 But I have changed my strategy from this year to bring technology and differentiation points starting from the mid-end,” Koh told CNBC in an exclusive interview.

Samsung isn’t the only one stuffing cameras on their phones.

The LG V40 ThinQ that will go official on October 3 will have a total of 5 cameras (3 on the back, 2 up front) and HMD Global’s alleged flagship Nokia 9 reportedly flaunts a Penta-camera setup on its back!

Samsung recently tweeted an invite for its upcoming event that took the netizens by storm. In its tweet, Samsung highlighted the phrase “4x the fun”, which allegedly refers to a quadruple camera phone.

Now that the teaser is out, we can clearly see that credible Samsung leakers have been pointing in this direction for a while now.

Twitter handle @UniverseIce, which is a reliable source for Samsung leaks, confirms that all of these 4 cameras will be on the rear (he first tweeted about this phone in late July).


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