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Tell Rich Stories with Facebook Video | How to monetise video on facebook.

Tell Rich Stories with Facebook Video | How to monetise video on facebook.

Upload videos to Facebook
By uploading videos to Facebook directly, you can take advantage of these two benefits:
  • Your videos will play automatically in News Feed – Native videos start playing immediately as people scroll through their Feed. Videos initially play silently, but people can tap the video to play it with sound in full screen.
  • Your videos will have view counts – Public videos from people and Pages will now show view counts to help people discover them.
For more detailed information on uploading video to Facebook, download our Video Upload Guide .
Create rich video content for your Facebook audience
Here are a few tips for creating engaging video content for your audience on Facebook:
  • Focus on quality from the first frame – Since videos auto-play silently in Feed, you should lead with imagery that will catch a person’s eye from the very beginning.
  • Premiere exclusive video content – Post exclusive video content to your Page to reward them with something that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Provide context – Set context by pulling out a key quote or moment from the video as the text component of your post. This will help set expectations for the experience ahead.
Use captions to engage your viewers
With captions enabled, even people who have their sound turned off can follow along and engage with your videos. 
Facebook provides tools to make it easy to add captions to your Page’s videos. Visit this Help Center page to learn how to automatically generate captions in English, or add your own custom captions using a SubRip (.SRT) file. 
Tag other Pages in your video posts
Tag the Pages of people that appear in your video or that you want to make aware of your video to drive up organic distribution.
Refine your strategy with Video Insights
For each video you post to your Page, you can view metrics like video views, unique video views, the average duration people viewed your video and audience retention.
 These metrics are designed to help you learn what’s resonating with people and tune the length and content for your video audience.

You can use our APIs to upload, set a call-to-action, and get insights for Facebook videos.
Our APIs make it easy for you to upload videos, read videos, set video call to action, and get video insights.

Facebook’s Video Monetization Plan Is Here | How to monetize your facebook videos.

  The video has taken daily on Facebook, daily thoughts on the platform have increased fourfold in just a year to four billion. But so far, the video maker has no way to make money on the forum.

It changes today The company started its plans to monetize the video and share revenue with the creators.
 Facebook’s revenue split with the creators is similar to YouTube: 55% of the money generated from advertisements producers and 45% goes to Facebook.
 The program begins with “a few dozen” partners, including Taste, NBA, Hearst, Fun or Die and Fox Sports.Den Rose, vice president of Facebook’s partner (FB, -2.47%), says, “Partners say that if they can get the benefit of distribution but earn money, they will publish a lot more.”Facebook’s revenue split is slightly more complex than YouTube’s “pre-roll” ads that play before the video.
 That’s because Facebook video play automatically with sound off. Auto-play pre-roll ads will disturb users, so the company created a new environment to show people’s videos, and in return, video ads.Now, when a Facebook user goes to watch a video on mobile, they are taken to a screen with a black background which later suggests more videos to watch. 
 (This is called “suggested video” at Facebook’s direct naming convention.) After a few videos, the user will see a video ad. The advertisement is not connected to any part of the content, but rather floats like a TV commercial between them. 
 One important difference is that, unlike Facebook’s Autoplay video, these ads will sound, because users are already watching videos with sound.Facebook will split the revenue from ads seen between all the videos watched in the same session, the payer will determine how much time the audience spends with each video.  
So, if you watched a minute video from fun or die and a four-minute video of Fox Sports, Funny or Die would get a fifth of 55% of advertising revenue and Fox Sports would get 4-5.5% of revenue Part.Facebook has tested the “Suggested Video” product with a small portion of iOS users in the last few weeks.  
Today the test has become widespread, and it will expand to more users in the coming months. Daily says Android and desktop will follow.
 The suggested video user “One way to go into a more immersive experience”, he noted.

How much money does Facebook have taken on video ads that appear in their advertising feeds? Sheryl Sandberg mentioned in Facebook’s last earnings that revenue could increase, because advertisers can buy video ads instead of their normal photo ads, except for the addition.But many industry observers expect videos, and in particular, mobile videos to be a major source of revenue growth for Facebook next year.  

Despite the recent deal of hosting two new HBO shows, Facebook maintains that this short form focuses on video and there is no longer TV show and movies. 

 In 2011, Warner Bros. is a former deal to host films including Dark Knight.) “Facebook is used as a product in short, biting sessions – people are often in the day, and for a while Dip and dip out with time, “says Rose.  

He said that the suggested video and news feed have been optimized for short-form video.Before today, Facebook’s sales pitch for the video maker is going on: “Reach Our Big Audience.” In other words, give us your premium content for free, and get more fans. 

 Despite financial incentives, Facebook has enticed premium video producers on the platform including Michelle Fan, Complex, Mike and TYTV Network, all of whom have experienced the development of heavy audience by posting videos on the forum.  

(It helps that Social Network’s “news feed” algorithm supports video post and many video producers.)Despite its initial success, Facebook has to face challenges on its road to video dominance. For one, YouTube, which has been the only video platform for a decade of scale, until Facebook came around, it would not be easy to lose.

 The forum is fighting to keep its valuable creators on YouTube, which provides bonuses for anyone signing a particular contract.  

And YouTube is not the only player to compete for premium video content. To pass any web platform, the bucket bucket of TV Advertising Dollar is a lot more reward. As I wrote earlier this month:

A Facebook rival messaging app Snapchat is boosting sales of video ads for its new Discover platform. This is also for Twitter, which owns two hot video properties, wine and periscope.

 Spotify recently added video streaming capabilities to its music streaming app, just partnering with every big name in digital-video content.  

, Yahoo YHOO 1.2 9%, and Verizon supported back AOL AOL 0.00% is doubling on its video strategies.

 By next year, any one of them has accepted the $ 4 billion video a day video product itself.In addition, Facebook should participate in the presentation of sophisticated analytics and copyright tools that are used by publishers. Often, a random person can upload someone else’s video.  

Take a recent clip from the Daily Show about Charleston Shooting. A performer named Rock-Solid uploaded it to his page and received 23 million views.

 Your version of the Daily Show, posted hours later, has fewer than 2 million views.Officials of the latter two companies provided quotes about how they were “excited” about the video on Facebook.  

Only Facebook will sell video ads for text publishers in contrast to Facebook’s immediate paragraph program, which offers the option of selling ads to content owners.


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