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Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: We Compare the Price, Specifications, and Key Features Here

Vivo X23 has been announced in China. It is the successor of Vivo X21, the first phone in the world in which there is an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: We Compare the Price, Specifications, and Key Features Here

 And now, the new X23 smartphone has got the latest generation of in-display fingerprint sensor, which means it will be much faster than before.
Now, in this post, we will compare the features, values ​​and specifications of Vivo X23 with Oppo R17. Both devices are equally valuable and equipped, so the comparison is appropriate. Let's get it right!

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Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: Price
One of the main aspects to be successful for a phone is the value. CNV is 3,498 in China with the price of Vivo X23 at 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. Obviously, there is only one version of X23. The phone will be available for purchase on September 14, and is already there for pre-order.
Now, Oppo R17, which is also available in China, has already been a big success. This phone is one of China's bestsellers, which is at the top of the sales number on various online markets. It is available in two types, 6 GB RAM / 128GB storage base model, CNY 3,199. 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage version is CNY 3,499.
In terms of price, Oppo R17 is cheaper!

Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: display, design features
Among the Chinese smartphone manufacturing, colors and gradient are all things. And Vivo X23 adheres to the trend with a striking glass and aluminum design. It enjoys a 6.14-inch AMOLED display with a watermark foot, full HD + resolution and 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. The screen also has a new fast-in-display fingerprint scanner, which can now unlock the phone under 0.35 seconds.
On the other hand, Oppo R17 gets a slightly larger 6.4-inch full HD + AMODDD display, which also gets the Waterdrop footprint, and also provides a 19: 9 aspect ratio. Even R17 gets an in-display fingerprint scanner, but we are not sure how fast it will be on Vivo X23.Vivo X 23 V OPPO R17: Hardware Specifications, Performance
In terms of performance, both phones match equally. Vivo X23, and OPPO R17 both get Snapdragon 670 processors, and 8 GB RAM. For storage, Vivo X23 gets 128 GB of space, while Oppo R17 gets 64 GB or 128 GB space.
Vivo X3 can do better, because it is known as a 'dual-turbo acceleration engine'. While performing graphics intensive tasks it will improve CPU performance. Both phones receive microSD card slots, so that you can add more storage.

Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: Camera Features
It seems that the new Vivo X23 award is here because it gets better optics than paper oppo F17 at least. The X23 comes with a primary 12 MP sensor, and a secondary 13MP super wide-angle sensor with a dual camera setup backwards. On the front, you get a 12 MP camera, and also gets an IR scanner, which helps to scan faces in low light.
On the other hand, Oppo F17 also comes with a dual camera setup behind, but it is not impressive. It does with primary 16 MP unit, and a secondary 5 MP depth sensor. However for the selfie lover, Oppo is a better option as it contains 25 MP camera.Vivo X23 vs OPPO R17: Battery, OS
The battery capacity of both phones is quite similar. While Oppo R17 has a 3500 mAh battery, Vivo X comes with 23 3400 mAh unit. Both phones have fast charging too.
For the operating system, the Vivo X23 runs the Fun Touch OS 4.5, and the ColorOS 5.2 UI in Oppo R17. These two custom UIs are based on Orao 8.1.

Most people who are interested in buying these phones, mainly watching mid-level pricing, and in-display fingerprint scanners are looking at them because of them. Therefore, the new Vivo X23 will be a better option. It gets a new, fast fingerprint sensor, better camera, a gaming-mode type, and looks great!