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Android users alert! Fake Google Play Store malware may attack your phone

Android users alert! Fake Google Play Store malware may attack your phone

Android users alert! Fake Google Play Store malware may attack your phone

As a Google Play store, a new fake malware has surfaced on Android platform, blog.talosintelligence.com has reported. The virus has been named as gladrotrogen and it has been reported to be very powerful. In a blog, Talos Intelligence says that malware comes with the ability to customize it after deploying, i.e., it can load the plugin remotely and compile the new .net code.

It is further reported in the report that this Trojan can be its testing phase, however, its capability has been given, users should be cautious

Last month, Express.co.uk reported that malware spread by Google Play Store app can secretly spy on an Android smartphone. This new malware named Trout was found on the app listed on the Google Play Store. Dangerous malware is capable of collecting every photo, video or video stored in every call, SMS message and mobile. It can also capture the user's GPS coordinates. There is a clear risk of leakage of personal and sensitive data.

However, there is no information available at the risk that comes with Glayedtrojan. Still, users are advised to keep them on their icon.

At the beginning of the previous month, Express.co.uk warned about dozens of fake apps that could be downloaded from many popular digital marketplaces. Even here, the report says that there are several high profile security alerts recently with the dangers of shock affecting millions of Android users.

Cryptic PlayStation 4 message crashing consoles: Details here

Android users alert! Fake Google Play Store malware may attack your phone

Sony's PlayStation 4

Many users shared problems on Reddit and social media, stating how it deposits the console first and then crashes.

This issue is often complicated that people are being forced to reset their consoles, and then install the game.

Message affected without opening
The message, as suggested, triggers a bug, which then compromises the console.

In fact, in some cases, it should not be opened too.

A rocket league player said, "After one minute a message was received when my controller stopped working and everything became silent."

After this, his home screen access went away and a 'report problem' screen was attached.

Deleting messages will not help
Even removing malicious messages from Sony's PS4 mobile app will not solve the problem

A player who saw his entire team crash during the rainbow six sieges confirmed it, but he also got a potential work done

The player shared a screenshot of the malicious message saying, "Only one of our people was not affected and the message was set to [private]."

What do you do here
Sony will soon press an update to get rid of the bug. But, before that, you can change the PS4 message privacy to make sure that your console does not receive messages from strangers.

Just visit this link (https://bit.ly/2P1LZ6m) and log in to your PS4 account

Then, go to "Messages" in the "Personal Info" section and click Edit to select "None" or "Friend Only" option. If already affected, try it
If your console is already affected by the buggy message, try to rebuild the PS4 system database in safe mode before jumping on the reset option.

It will scan the console's hard drive and reorganize its new content.

Sony recommends using this option on issues like freezing and crashing.