Facebook has removed more than 100 million Followers Fake Accounts
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Facebook has said that it has deleted such fake accounts which were being operated from Iran and had more than 10 million followers.

 A large number of their fellows were citizens of the US and UK. In a blog post, the company said that 82 pages, groups and accounts have also been removed from Facebook and Instagram, whose users claiming to be American or British citizens themselves.

Apart from commentary on apartheid comments on these pages, articles, and content such as US President Donald Trump was being shared.

 The total number of deleted accounts is being reported to more than 10 lakh. Facebook has claimed that these accounts were run from Iran.

 Whether these accounts or pages belong to the government of Iran or not, it has not been confirmed yet. Information about the deleting of these accounts has also been shared by Facebook, many researchers, tech companies and US and UK governments. Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet have made such an action to stop the propaganda of Iran.

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Before that, there was a lot of criticism for social media companies about the fact that they are not acting on accounts sharing their wrong information posts with their platforms.

It was also claimed that Russia had intervened through social media platforms to influence the 2016 US Presidential result, and social media companies did not take any steps to stop these efforts. Although Iran and Russia have always refused to run such type of campaigns on social media platforms.

Facebook Inc. said that it has removed accounts in Iran, in which more than 1 million Americans and British followers have been attracted, which is the latest attempt to combat the deformation activity on its platform.

File photo: A person is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo because it creates a laptop in this photo depiction taken on August 14, 2013, in Central Bosnia city of Jenica. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / File Photo
Social media companies are struggling to stop efforts by people outside and outside of the United States to prevent fundamentalist positions in support of promotional platforms, by destabilizing the elections and spreading false information on their platforms with goals.

According to the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, fake Facebook accounts born in Iran targeted mostly American liberals who work with Facebook to get an online idea.

Facebook said that it removed 82 pages, groups and accounts on Facebook and Instagram, which considers themselves as American or British citizens, then posted on subjects like “Politically charged” race relations, US President Donald Trump and Immigration In protest, Facebook’s key policy on Cyber Security, Nathaniel Glesher said in a blog post.

Altogether, deleted accounts attracted more than 1 million followers. Facebook said that posts related to Iran have been enhanced through Facebook and Instagram on less than $ 100.

According to Facebook, who shared information with researchers, other technology companies and British and American governments

Action was taken in August for Facebook, Twitter Inc., and Alphabet Inc for hundreds of accounts related to Iranian propaganda.

Glasher said during a press conference on Friday that the recent operation was more sophisticated in some cases, making it difficult to identify.

Although most accounts and pages have been in existence since this year, those accounts have attracted more deleted followers, some of which have come back till 2013. Former suspended Iranian accounts and pages have been removed before 983,000 followers.

Digital Forensic Research Lab Ben Nimmo said, “This swelling looks like an intent to embed in highly active and busy communities by posting content, and then puts messages on Saudi and Israel, which enhances the story of the Iranian government.”

Nemo said, “Most positions gave moderate or progressive views on issues related to separator issues in the US, especially on Race Relationships and Police Violence.”

Social media companies are increasingly targeting foreign intervention on their platforms after the criticism that they did not have enough information to detect, prevent and disclose Russian efforts to use their platforms. Presidential race

Iran and Russia have denied the allegations that they have used the social media platform to start the diversification campaign.


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