SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook can soon go ahead with the “unsend” feature for Messenger, which will not only allow users to recall messages sent from their inbox but will also notify the media through the entire chat thread.

Facebook Messenger may let you unsend your messages soon Like WhatsApp, the Facebook Messenger may let you unsend your messages soon.

TechCrunch, quoting a Facebook spokesman on Friday, said, “We have first confirmed that we want to ship such a feature and are still planning to do so.”

The social networking giant announced that prototype has been discovered six months later in order to force this “uncensored” functionality.

Like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger can let you cancel your messages soon. The functionality also appears online.

This means that users will be able to cancel a message that someone has been sent to them after a limited time and if the recipient has already seen the message, this will not work.

 For some time, the unseen feature has been released on WhatsApp and it was only time that Facebook brought it to the Messenger.

By saying this, this feature appears to be a part of the beta test, which means that it is not yet official and its availability is also limited to select users, it is also not sure whether this feature will enable Facebook Messenger since its launch.

Whether or not the media platform is known to periodically check the many features, but each feature is available for public domain So do not make it.

Facebook Messenger is finally working on “Unsend Message” in the app for everyone!

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— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 12, 2018

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Facebook is currently working on a major design reshuffle for Messenger and may be part of undiscovered redesign or when it was officially available to everyone. Currently, Facebook Messenger Redesign is currently live for some users. With the redesigned messenger app, Facebook is getting rid of unnecessary features in a simpler, more meaningful messenger app, you have got too much time, but with the new updates,

“When you are sending a message, you really want a simple and fast experience.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in May announced the recall of the company’s F8 2018 conference in the messenger app.

The updated Messenger app brings down the number of quick options down to three, while the camera and new chat toggles are moved to the top right corner. Attributes like games, businesses and more now focus more on chat – fast and cleaner – which once stood for more messenger at one time. The updated Messenger app also brings a new dark mode with it, the name suggests, all things will be black

Facebook users can get the ability to withdraw message

The feature reported by TechCrunch, which was announced earlier this year, was recently seen in the screenshot.

When launched, this will allow users to delete messages from their conversations.

here are the details.

First, look at the ‘Send Message’ button
Facebook confirmed the ability to withdraw messages in April, but the timetable did not appear for this.

Now, the popular tipster Jane Stonsoon has seen us sneak in the Unsend’ button.

As a suggestion of Wong’s screenshots, this feature will come in the form of a dedicated ‘unsecured message’ button.

Screenshots of ‘unsecured’ feature

Facebook Messenger is finally working on the “Send Message” app!

Facilitation work

When digging into Facebook Messenger for Android, Wong found a prototype button, this is a great way to get rid of the regular ‘Delete message’ option.

On selection of it, a confirmation pop-up appeared in it, “Your message will be deleted from chat, and you”.

On confirmation, the selected messages will be canceled.

Also, the deadline for ‘unsend’ remains unknown
In particular, Wong also got a signal of the time limit in the app’s code.

This shows that users can send a message for the first time. it can be used

Specifically, Facebook has not disclosed the date of any release
In addition, it is worth noting that Facebook has confirmed that this facility is in the testing phase.

The company said, “Facebook publicly examines products and facilities before the ship so that we can ensure the quality of the experience.”

However, it did not start when it started


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