Home world news Google Camera 6.1 hints that a Time-lapse Mode may finally be coming

Google Camera 6.1 hints that a Time-lapse Mode may finally be coming

Google Camera 6.1 hints that a Time-lapse Mode may finally be coming

The latest Google Pixel Smartphone has introduced many innovative camera features-top shots, super race zoom and motion tracking autofocus to give only a few names – but a feature that is still missing in the Google Camera app, the time-lapse mode is.
 The time-lag is a series of frames for a long time. Timelines are really popular but for some reason, there is no mode to make one in the Google Camera app. Finally, as the latest version of the Google Camera app sent with Google Pixel 3, it will be shown that Google has finally started working on this feature.

An APK teardown can often predict the features that come in future updates of an application, but it is possible that none of the features listed here may be released from the future. This is the reason that these features are currently supplemented in live build and can be drawn by Google at any time in the future.

I say that Google has “resumed” to work on this because the camera app is actually included in the time-lapse mode for years. In fact, we checked the camera app that left ships with the first generation Google pixel devices and found placeholder string for time-lapse mode without release.

 However, the app’s version 6.1.00 9.215420794 which was sent with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL’s reviewer’s units, was the first feature. We checked older versions of Google Camera app-versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and version 6.0 which were sent to retail units of pixel 3 and did not find this smiley code. Thus, we believe that new software development

Screenshots showing in-development time-delay mode, code-name “cheetah”. The code was decompressed using the PNF software’s JEB DeCampler.

XDA senior member cstark27 is remarkable for the work of modifying the Google Camera app, before we have made progress out of development progress on the time-lapse feature and gave us a screenshot showing that the placeholder icon is updated with the latest version Note that the app is not shown that the feature does not currently work and is a placeholder shown below.

Google Camera 6.1 We do not know the time-lapse mode will ever be released, and just because Google has started working on it in the latest version does not mean that it will be available soon.

 Google has a placeholder string for time-delay mode for more than 2 years, so who knows when the pixel smartphone will get the convenience in the original Google Camera app

For other pixel camera features, the modern Pixel 3 camera features for modern gadgets are difficult to work on. A mod, plus 6 brings semi-functional night sites and Google lens tips, but there are other modes of swim around the net that work on more devices. Once we find a version that is stable enough for different devices, we will tell you all.


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