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Google Camera with Night Sight works on Nokia 7 Plus, 8, 6.1 & 6.1 Plus [APK] . The feature is not officially rolled out yet

On the XDA Forum, Moderators are able to twitter the latest Google Camera app for pixel devices, which comes with the "Night Sight Mode" feature still in the disabled state. This feature allows capturing very little light images without adding the flash enabled by XDA senior member cstark27 by adding an app again.

Now, the good news is that newsletters are not available for Nokia, you can download and test it on Nokia 7 Plus, 6.1 Plus and Nokia 8 and other versions of Nokia 6.1.

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 It works fine on Nokia 7 Plus and is available in the above screenshot as well as other devices described above and even Night Site Mode. If a photo crashes while capturing you need to "turn off the speed" from the top menu and after that, it works fine.

Download APK:
You can download an APK by clicking here (Original Source) If this does not work or APK has problems opening up here then APK is a download link that we have uploaded with our Nokia 7 Plus which is working fine. It also works on Nokia 6.1 Plus (tested on pie beta).

Another version (Kunal for Thanks tip), which is ported from Mi Smartphone and works on Orao Smartphone like Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1. Download it from here If you tried to install an APK from the original source or from the Nokia 7 Plus, then uninstall it first and then try installing it.

This Nokia does not support the 5.1 Plus Reader, can view it on your smartphone and please let us know in comments.

We are comparing this Google Camera app to Nokia 7 Plus on the default Nokia Camera app in terms of image quality. stay tuned.

Google has unveiled Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, they have also announced a new camera feature which was not available on the launch:

 Night Site Google demonstrates the feature by selecting a photo from a low-light position by an Apple iPhone X and selecting a Google Pixel 3 with the Night Site enabled.

 The picture taken by Pixel 3 was clearly better, but until XDA senior member cstark27 did not release the Google camera, the app enabled the Night Site to enable its normal availability before people realized that Knight True Is incredible in. 

The revised version works only on Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 3, but now XDA's senior member Arnova 8G2 has released Google's camera app port with the working nightclub. So far, Xiaomi MI5 (Developer himself) has been confirmed to work on the compulsory phone (by our members and many community members).

Posting on our OnePlus 6 forum, Arnova 8G2 updated readers on their progress, in which Night Site was working on OnePlus 6.

 He said features such as HDR + enhanced, motion photo, raw capture, portrait mode, panorama and photosphere work, burst capture, slow motion, photobooth, and new night vision mode do not work on OnePlus 6 yet.

 However, the new feature now works on some devices like developer MI5 and in our own tests, while you will not get the same quality seen in our initial testing facility on pixel 2 XL and pixels 3/3 XL, this is a promising start for the future version of Google Camera Port.

We recommend you monitor the XDA platform for all the latest updates from Arnova8G2. If you are interested in trying this device, you can download it from the link below. Just do not expect what the pixel owners are getting, at least not yet.

Download Google Camera port with working Night Sight for some devices

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