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Google Said to Charge Android Partners Up to $40 Per Device for Apps


A person familiar with the matter said on Friday that in order to replace the person identified this anti-opponent in the EU this year, Google paid $ 40 (about Rs 2,900) per hardware per new licensing system Charged for use.

Google Said to Charge Android Partners Up to $40 Per Device for Apps

The new fee for running any new smartphone or tablet model and Google’s Android operating system launched in the European Economic Area will be implemented on October 29, the company announced on Tuesday.

The fee can be reduced to $ 2.50 (about 180 bucks) and rises depending on the size of the country and device, the person said. It’s standard in manufacturers, with a majority to pay about $ 20 (about $ 1,500), the person said.

Google’s search and Chrome Internet browsers are in a key position by companies that charge offsets, which are a suite of apps, including Google Play App Store, Gmail, and Google Maps. Under that arrangement, Google will give the device manufacturer a share of advertising revenue and generate it through search and Chrome.

Tech News outlet, Wedge reported prices on Friday, citing confidential documents.

In July, the European Commission found that Google broke its market dominance in mobile software so that essentially the Android partner could be forced to pre-install search and Chrome on their gadgets. It fined $ 5 billion, which Google has appealed, and threatens additional penalties until the company ended its illegal practices.

Analysts said that the new system should provide more hardware for Microsoft Hardware Corp like Corp. to become the default app for search and browsing.

Quant, a small French inventor who criticized Google, said in a statement on Friday that it was “satisfied that the action of the European Commission ultimately prompted manufacturers to give such options to consumers”.


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