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How to book tatkal ticket on IRCTC follow these tricks for 99% success chance.


How to book the tatkal ticket on IRCTC follows these tricks for 99% success chance.

How to book tatkal ticket on IRCTC follow these tricks for 99% success chance.
How to book tatkal ticket on IRCTC follow these tricks for 99% success chance.

Diwali is less than a week’s time left to save time. People want to celebrate this festival with their family. Every time like this, the reservation has already been completed in all the trains in the time of Diwali.

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 For those who have made reservations, it is not a hassle to go home in Diwali, but those who want to go home and are worried about the reservation in the train, we are trying to solve them here. 
For those who do not already have reservations, Indian Railways gives an option which we know by the name of immediate service. You can get a confirmation berth easily by making an immediate reservation one day before your visit.
 It can not be denied by this fact that it is a very difficult task to book an immediate ticket with a berth, but if there is some smartness, then it may be easy to book an instant ticket.
To book an immediate ticket, you must first have an IRCTC account. Along with that you also have a fast speed internet connection. You can log in to the website from your IRCTC account. 
After logging in, you have to go to My Profile and click on the master list option. In the master list, you can save a maximum of 20 passengers and save the money in advance. Its biggest advantage is in immediate booking. 
While booking an immediate ticket, you can select directly from the list of Passengers. This feature works to save a lot of time in the booking of instant tickets. Another option is the Travel List. 
It will also be found in My Profile only and it can only be made after creating a master list. That is, make the travel list of the passengers who have to book the tickets. Select the name of the passenger from the master list. We recommend that you do this work even before booking tickets.
After filling the passenger detail, you will reach the page on the train list. Choose your train according to the time you want to travel.
 You will see a drop-down option in front of the train’s name. By clicking on this drop down you have to click on the status bar of your choice. After clicking, you will find information about Situ available in that bogie. 
Keep in mind that if you do not choose an immediate option, you will see general availability on the website. You fill up all the details before 10 o’clock and as soon as you watch the IRCTC clock at 10 o’clock, click on the box in which you want your ticket. 
The point of note is that before 10 o’clock, the Book Now button will not be active, you have to arrive at the right time and click on Book Now with speed.
Once the Book Now button is active, a button from Select From Your Master List will appear on the box borderline with Passenger DeTel. 
Click on it and choose the name of the passenger to book the ticket. According to an information, about 60 percent of the people put CAPTCHA code in a mess and hence they are not able to get Confirmed Tickets.
 It takes about 20-30 seconds time to return and fill in the captcha code, and at times it happens that the ticket is finished. Insert the correct captcha and click Next.
Check all the information once before booking tickets. In the event of all information being correct, you can now start the payment process. For payment, you will see options like Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card.
 You can book your tickets through those of whom are complimentary. After paying, go to Replan and book an instant ticket. This will not require you to add payment information such as credit card details. Keep in mind that do not clear cash even by forgetting.
The most important thing is that the internet connection should be fixed. If you are on the internet speed of 1 Mbps, then you can hardly book the Confirm Instant Ticket.
 The speed of 4 Mbps is the best. Keep your phone while booking tickets. The time it takes to successfully install the ticket in OTP depends on your fate and telecom network.


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