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Lupt Movie Review: A family’s scary journey, ‘Huffy’ managed to stand. Download hd here Download link


Lupt Movie Review: A family’s scary journey, ‘Huffy’ managed to standLupt, review
2018 film
9/10 · IMDb

Lupt Movie Review: A family's scary journey, 'Huffy' managed to stand. Download hd here Download link
Lupt Movie Review: A family’s scary journey, ‘Huffy’ managed to stand. Download hd here Download link

The story of the movie ‘Lupta’ is from Harsh Tandon and his family. Harsh is a big businessman who specializes his business more than his family. Harsh suddenly starts seeing some souls or ghosts.

Doctor doubts chronic insomnia, in which the characters are seen who are not. The doctor considers more work and fatigue to be done and advises Rishabh to take a break from work. Rishabh’s family had already wanted to go out on vacation, therefore, Rishabh goes out with his family in a car for Shimla and then the night begins to be scary. Rishabh Tandon is made in the film Javed Jafri.

The film, ‘Lupt’, is a supernational horror film, the most notable of which is that the length of the film is less than 2 hours and the movie ends with this because the horror films are so long in the scare of the movie that After a time, it becomes difficult to cope with them.

The film’s production value is good. Cinematography, editing and background music are also good for the story and theme of the film, which scares somewhere good. Many scenes, without being able to scare the ghosts, are also successful. Javed Jafri has played his character well. Vijay Raje has killed his role. Prabhraj’s direction is good.

Remarks In the first 20 minutes, the film looks a little weak and drapes some scenes. If you like the horror movie you can see it once. These movies will entertain you. This is a turnaround story, but through the film, somewhere the filmmaker is also saying that the punishment of your actions will be available to you or your family right here. My rating for this movie is 3 stars.

Bollywood horror movies: Horror movies in Bollywood often do not earn much at the box office, but some successes are also those who do not let the makers away from this junior.

Well, the success of the woman with the addition of comedy in the past has shown that viewers like horror flavors, provided they get the good story and direct guidance. After the success of the woman and the Hollywood movie The Nun, now Javed Jafri’s horror movie is coming in front of the disappeared audience.

The story of the disappearance begins with a successful and busy businessman Harsh Tandon (Javed Jafri) and his elder daughter’s boyfriend Dev (Vijay Raje) for the holidays.

 During this time the family sees an accident on the road. In which one person has been killed in a car accident. He asks for a lift, but suddenly the stranger refuses to give the family lift to the person. Harsh takes an empty path while taking a shortcut. But here his car fails.

 Surprisingly, the same stranger is standing here. Seeing no option, the family lives in her house. As the story progresses, things get worse with joy. He sees his family being killed by invisible power in front of his eyes. The film tries to curtail this mystery.

What is the story

The ‘missing’ film takes a serious test of our belief about the existence of ghosts. Our karma never leaves our pursuit. Whatever we do, then we go around and come to us only.

 The movie based on this religious belief gives the message that we have to pay a heavy price for wrong karma. The story is straightforward and takes care of the interest of the audience. The legend’s journey of life is fluctuating with ghosts and vampires. Director Prabhudas has effectively shot a simple story.

Background music and sound horror films are a very important part of the film. It has a full glimpse of the lost film. Sound design and background music are of excellent class. It is also a specialty of this horror film, its cinematography.

Javed Jafri’s return!
Javed Jafri’s performance shows his maturity. He has complete control over his actions. Regardless of the limited role, Vijay is successful in awakening in his interest in the estate. Karan Anand is the right place and looks very good about his role. Nicky Walia, Meenakshi Dixit, and Rishabh Chadha are fine in their respective roles.

.@jaavedjaaferi as Harsh Tandon in a role you’ve never seen before. pic.twitter.com/mQyC0ye409

— Lupt (@luptthemovie) October 3, 2017

How is the director’s action
Praboraj has been able to drive the audience to the world of ghosts. Horror movies are often seen that the Tantric and priest get rid of the victims of evil spirits. The film ‘Lupta’ has been kept free by the director. The hero tries to get himself out of the trap.

However, there is a buzz in the movie about the situation. Many times the upcoming scenes are already known. Some kind of dirty talk is heard: ‘Everyone will die’ It looks like spoiling the taste of good food (film).

 After a while, the story becomes absolutely predictable. Regardless, its ‘lost’ is a great film of its genre and for a long time, the audience will not even have the chance to blink.

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