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Microsoft offers to kill more (of its own) bloatware with a new Windows 10 build

Microsoft took a step towards dismantling the next app bloatware, with some of its apps Bluetooth- one of the early versions of next year's upcoming Windows 10 "19H1" update.

Microsoft offers to kill more (of its own) bloatware with a new Windows 10 build

For the insider's creation of Windows 10 18262, Microsoft said that it will allow users to uninstall many of their applications from the Start menu. 

This build is not part of "Redstone 5", which is officially known as the October 2018 update, which is working to give Microsoft the final look. Instead, it will ship sometime in the first half of 2019, as part of the next, anonymous update.

Microsoft said, in this new creation, you will be able to right-click and uninstall the app through the Start menu. Apps users will be able to uninstall:

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3D viewer (formerly called mixed reality viewer)

The calculator
The calendar
Drain music
Cinema & TV
Paint 3d
Snippets and sketches
Sticky notes
Voice printer

The list includes many utilities such as snip and sketch; Some more basic apps whose tasks are reproduced in the office, such as Mail; And like Paint 3D apps that have never been taken before the October 2018 update, Microsoft first allowed users to uninstall some more, including Skype, Tips, Print 3D, Weather, and some others.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not include true Bluetooth such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and Disney Magic Kings, which are Microsoft's own manufacturing tools. When that day comes, so many Windows users will be really happy

What it means: It has never been clear why Microsoft bundles unexpected apps like Candy Crush with Windows, when it already receives revenue from software licensing and subscriptions. 

A well-made PC is an efficient PC, and that means it does not mess up with apps whose user has no use and can not uninstall. Allow users to uninstall Microsoft's own application is a step ahead, though users will not be fully happy until they are given much control, which they can go to unwanted apps.

In Windows 10 October 2018 update - Microsoft has not yet re-released mainstream users after reporting problems with user-data removal - and before the release of the Windows 10 feature, 

users have some other Microsoft applications There is an option to uninstall, which can also be uninstalled through the context menu in the Start menu all app list, The soft solitaire collection included; My office; one note; Print 3d; Skype; Tips; and whether

Build 18262 adds a new optional column in the Details tab in the Task Manager, which shows the DPI awareness per process.

It also includes a new recommended troubleshooting setting (located under Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshooting.This feature employs the user-generated diagnostic data on the devices found on matching issues. This new problem The redressal facility is not yet live, so it is out of brown, but said that it is going to happen

Microsoft fixed several bugs in the build 18262 and updated the features, which are detailed in official blog posts. There are many known issues in the latest 19H1 production that blog post also.

Microsoft had also released an updated version of the updated version of Windows 10, 1809 / Windows 10 1809, earlier this week to update and update versions. 

Microsoft continues to test the October 2018 update with insiders sometime before re-releasing of mainstream users, even though publicly not specified, Microsoft launched it on October 2, October 2, from its downloaded sites on October 2, 2018, To do this was updated in the first week of October.

Microsoft has been prepared to launch the 19H1 Windows 10 feature update around April 2019.