As the fight between the top ranks of the Central Bureau of Investigation, last week more FIRs have been registered with special director Rakesh Asthana, it seems that more than a dozen accused against the officer, director Alok Verma, and other top officials Agency officials, the number of complaints doubled

Mud flies in war within CBI, Asthana sent list against Verma, with over a dozen complaints
Mud flies in war within CBI, Asthana sent list against Verma, with over a dozen complaints

In fact, one month ago, the CBI issued a statement which had been informed that the role of its special director was being examined in “at least” half a dozen cases.

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 Earlier, it became transparent, ‘Astana had shot the top secret’ complaint to the Cabinet Secretary, in which there was a list of more than a dozen allegations against the director including meat exporter Moin Qureshi and St. Kitts citizenship and land acquisition. Case in Haryana

Since charges and counter-flights fly, unknown details about the cases being investigated by the CBI, as well as the Enforcement Directorate (ED), are also getting vulnerable.

 However, top government sources told The Indian Express, while the war within the CBI “had gone too far”, either the rumors of Verma or Asthana were offered alternate assignments.

 He said that it was still the Central Vigilance Commission, which monitors the functioning of the CBI, works despite complaints from the war camps.

In his letter to the Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Singh on August 24, Asthana said that he was asked to answer the allegations made against him by the CBI, and he did this in a communication on July 16.

 He said that he was not aware of activities related to the information of senior officials from different sources and since there was no mechanism to see the head of the organization, so he was sharing it.

RJD chief Laloo Prasad, Asthana, CBI chief, and other senior officials are listed against the following allegations:

According to Asthana, in the ongoing investigation against Satish Babu’s Moin Qureshi, based in Hyderabad, the accused had claimed that he had been given Rs 2 crore for the bribe of CBI Director Verma.

 He said that on February 20, the telephone did not come to investigate Sanaa and later only then came for questioning and did not come after that.

Incidentally, this is the case in which an FIR has been lodged against Asthana, who has nominated him as a person who accepts the bribe.

 As was reported by the Indian Express on Sunday, an FIR was registered on October 15, Sana took the oath that the trust shared among other people the bribe to stop the CBI.

* Intelligence agencies had informed the director, CBI that two businessmen facing CBI cases were citizens’ kits, but the agency did not take back their passports or their names in circulars looking for any action, Asthana wrote.

When the coal block allotment is given in the name of one of the businessmen, the other is being investigated for money laundering as part of the 2G spectrum allocation case.

* In the case of Haryana Land Acquisition, after registration of initial investigation, along with the Town and Country Planning Officers of the State, the report of Real Estate Agents was included between CBI’s joint director Arun Kumar Sharma and Verma.

 His complaint was lodged in the charges of Rs 36 crore in payment. However, it was not clear whether the investigation was actually closed or not.

According to this case, only 85 acres of land was acquired in three villages around Gururgram against the proposed acquisition of 1,417 acres to give wrong benefits to private builders.

* Asthana had listed several deviations in the CBI case since last year, where a net was run by the Assistant Director of ED, to ensure that Rs 5 lakh was accepted to ensure that there is no attachment of properties in the money laundering cases. Was there.

The letter said that due to the matter, the chief of the Lucknow unit of the CBI was severely beaten by the director and later got relief from the CBI.

In addition, there are contracts with misuse of listing and cases of certain CBI communications and properties in Mississauga of Astana. He also mentioned the examples of attempts to include officials in the agency;

In January 2018, “assistance” was being given in the case of cattle smuggling, and mentioned the “inaction” of the CBI in the bribery case related to the ED officer from Chandigarh.

Asthana is not new to dispute

1984-Batch Gujarat Cadre IPS officer Asthana is not new to the dispute. His appointment as Special Director of CBI was challenged in the court by the Public Service NGO Common Cause.

 he was notified about his appointment as Special Director because his name was included in the 2011 Diary seized from Stirling Biotech – a company that investigates the CBI for money laundering – 3.8 million By checking the alleged receipt of rupees.

 Later, the diary became the basis for filing an FIR against the CBI firm’s investors and other government employees. Asthana was not named in that FIR, but the agency is investigating

On October 22, 2017, Asthana was appointed in the controversial situation, the selection committee comprised the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) KV. Chaudhary – His own role in the inquiry related to the Sahara-Birla diary was questioned – two Vigilance Commissioner and Secretary,

Ministry of Home Affairs and Training Department (DOPT) was unanimously appointed. However, it was reported that Verma had opposed the advancement of Asthana in the organization.

 While the CBI is not a member of the selection committee, the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, under which the CBI operates, says that the superintendent of police is essentially consulted on any person appointed before the director.

However, the Supreme Court had then thought that it should not interfere in government work so that Asthana could get the benefit of the doubt.

Before appointing Verma as the full-time director of CBI, Asthana completed the role as an interim director.

The move to appoint him as an interim director raised many eyebrows for the road, and also for the first time in a decade that the CBI was without the full-time director.

Many reports have pointed out that due to the proximity to the top brass in the Modi government, Asthana has always dropped to the luxurious positions.

I was one of the most trusted allies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the PMO – came. It is believed that Asthana has taken a stand that in this case, Khulbe should be made a witness instead of the accused.

“As a Secretary in the PMO, he (Khweib) is one of Narendra Modi’s most trusted allies, working in collaboration with Principal Secretary PK Mishra, who handles all the transfers and postings of the Central Officers.

It is mentioned in the report that in this case, Asthana’s soft stand against Khulbe was surprisingly surprising “due to being near PK’s Mishra in PMO”.

 It has been said in the report that Mishra, the Gujarat cadre officer, also supported the appointment of Asthana as Special Director in the CBI and under the chairmanship of the selection committee, CVC K.V. Chaudhary led, under whose leadership he was unanimously appointed by the CBI Director’s objections.


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