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New Santro Cruises, more than 15K bookings before launch, Full review and details are here


Getting the line for booking the first cars of the launch is nothing new in India. Now the new Santro of Hyundai has joined the list of such cars. About 15 thousand people have booked this car. Explain that this car is being launched on October 23 and its booking started on October 8.

New Santro Cruises, more than 15 bookings before launch
New Santro Cruises, more than 15 bookings before launch
This car is being given at a special introductory price to the first 50 thousand customers of this car. The price of this model is reported to be 3.87 lakh. 
Whereas its Magna CNG trim can cost 5.35 lakhs. Like the old Santro, the new Santro also based on tallboys model in the look. But this old Santro is 60mm short in length. The company has prepared it on its new platform on which i10 is built.

Santro’s 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine has been given. Which generates 99-newton meters torque with the power of 69 PS. It also has a company fitted CNG kit.
 Its CNG variant generates 84-newton torque with 59 PS power. Its engine is also equipped with the five-speed manual gearbox.
1) There is a lot going on for the Santro brand name. For the past 20 years, this is a name, which has a comfortable, reliable, advanced and affordable hatchback with Indian customers.
2) After seeing and running the new Santro on 9th October, we know that its main features are in one place. Its outer dimensions and footprints on the road are small and compact, but inside ?? This is big. In fact, the popularity of the new Santro and certainly one of the strongest points of success and interior space management and design will definitely make a long way.
Step into the new Hyundai Santro, and one of the first things, legs and knee room, shoulder room and headroom should not only be the best in this segment but it is actually available in some mid-sized sedans.
3) New Santro looks and styling are attractive. When the original Santro has launched 20 years ago, the way it was seen was not everyone’s choice. 
New Santro Cruises, more than 15 bookings before launch
New Santro Cruises, more than 15 bookings before launch

Not only was her tall boy body design unusual, but its style was unorthodox and the path to the top.

 It is the credit of engineering and overall design, despite being unfavorable, the original Santro has such a strong and positive impact on Indian consumers.
But new Santro does not have to face any such challenges. This design is a very good idea and style and appearance will appeal to most, if not everything. There is nothing to like in design and most people find it modern and lovely.
The curvature of the new Santro profile and curvature below the front and behind the glass also works to hide the fact that it is a long boy design. The vast glass area also feels more comfortable and the air is most welcome.
The fact is that there is no grill connecting them or them in the headlights, it is an unusual styling element that looks like a bonnet. Thanks to that, the new Santro has also been looking for a long time, in fact, this placement of headlights attracts more attention to the grill on a large scale placed under these twin publishers.
4) The engine is responsive and black and happy to use. AMT is also user-friendly, but engineers have taken care to ensure that the engine does not slow down or slows down in response.
 If you are rotating in the 5th gear at a speed of about 60kmph and the accelerator pedal is on the floor, then the AMT down ships are immediately and neither a gear nor even two falls.
 Instead, it goes straight from 5th to the second gear! And will it be able to do it manually as compared to most drivers, as a result, you get instant response with progressing Santro and it is actually easy to move forward or pass through.
5) We run a new Santro on a hot and very wet day at Hyundai plant in Sriperumbudur near Chennai. Cars were toasted on track in sun for a while when we got them. 
But inside it was nice and cold A / C was doing a great job. The back seat was also cold due to the previous A / C vent. 
It is fit behind the front console and its vents are directed to more effective cooling. Hyundai says that he has optimized the A / C for better cooling, and has actually given the sample in hot conditions, I have to say that it works very well and it is appreciated.
6) As expected, the new Hyundai Santro comes packed with features for the first time in this category.
 It is certain to be loved by all that whatever I like is very similar to some bright colors, especially lemon green one, which I think is really good and attractive. 
One of the top types comes with some unique style elements such as seatbelt and trim around A / C vents, gear-shifter etc., which are meant to make connections with outside ones in the body color. The seats are smart as opposed to stitching in body shadow. I really like it and I’m sure there is no way to go out.
7) Due to the determination of Hyundai’s track record and the big success for New Santro, it is expected that they will present an attractive price. I have been told that the initial cost will be special. Given that there is a huge demand for the new Hyundai Santro.


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