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OnePlus 6T will have improved and advanced navigation gestures, "a whole new UI" EXPERIENCE

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OnePlus 6T will have improved navigation gestures, "a whole new UI"

OnePlus 6T is coming this month and it is not a secret, the company itself is issuing various teasers and is slowly confirming some of its features. Today, its resident software expert and user experience Lead was interviewed for official OnePlus forums, and they unveiled some new titles

First of all, you should expect to see "a new UI" on the version of the Oxygenos, one plus skin software on Android, this clearly means what it means, but the company has experienced "faster, 

smooth and less burden Did not have gimmicks " According to Szymon, a resident software expert of OnePlus, here was "Expressing OnePlus Design Language" in the target UI, "It is still making the most exclusive and intuitive version of oxygenos".

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OnePlus 6T is going via New Delhi and New York and will be unveiled on October 30. The company has issued several teasers, but it is about the phone's optical in-display fingerprint scanner.

Today, the company has disclosed new information about the phone and our surprise, it is not about in-display fingerprint scanner!

In a OnePlus forum, OnePlus resident software expert interviewed, Szymon K has been placed in some new credits.

After this, its home-baked navigation gesture system will be improved, a new signal has been added - swipe down from the last used app below.

 This feature was previously missed - with the gesture system on OnePlus 6, you could not quickly change between the two apps used recently, and in fact, it is one of the Downsides, which we have done with our long-term review Focused on the device.

It sounds good to be addressed, but this is not the only thing - you'll be able to power the button for 0.5 seconds to activate Google Assistant.

 This was one of the more serious missing disappearances since the first replication of the OnePlus gesture navigation.

 When you do not have a navigation bar while enabling it, it is obvious that there was no button in the long press to invite assistant (neither the recent application button that you can tap on the previous app).

In addition, whenever you swipe in an app, in the new system, its window will follow your finger, which makes a more natural experience.
OnePlus 6T will have improved and advanced navigation gestures, "a whole new UI" EXPERIENCE

 Each swipe test was over 1,000 times, OnePlus 6T would be the best in business - thereby not giving them some extra screen real estate (any navigation bar will still be brought), and with the main problems, the first implementation Was stabilized

OnePlus also says that this is a lot of work to improve on the camera so you can expect better pictures too. This interview was based on the software, so we believe that there is no improvement in hardware variations, such as the tweaking algorithm

 There is not much "an advanced dot disturb mode", and AI-based algorithms will allow the phone to learn during sleep while reducing the use of the background and reducing the power consumption.

"Since there was no navigation bar while using gestures, users were able to tap the" Recents "button twice to switch between apps. This new hint provides a quick and easy option."

There was an issue primarily faced by users in the previous phone, which they could not reach Google Assistant quickly with gestures in version 1

"That's why we have taken a new action: just press the Power button for 0.5 to activate Google Assistant."

In addition, the company has already implemented a full-screen gesture that can allow users to navigate on the phone.

These animations will take a lot of time. "Each swipe was tested more than 1000 times to make the motion feel natural."

The phone is operated by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and one of the other things on which a company is asked to work is an "AI-based algorithm that allows you to sleep on learning the phone, And less accordingly power consumption. "