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Paytm case: Family of accused says she had stocks worth Rs 10 cr, why would she extort money.

Sonia Dhawan, Paytm Executive, who was arrested with her husband this week, was allegedly described as a dedicated workshop for the employer to try to extract money from the founder of the company.

Paytm case: Family of accused says she had stocks worth Rs 10 cr, why would she extort money.
Paytm case: Family of accused says she had stocks worth Rs 10 cr, why would she extort money.

Three people, including Sonia Dhawan and her husband, were allegedly arrested for allegedly trying to extract lakhs of rupees from the founder of Paytm.

According to family members, Dhawan had a meteorite increase in Paytm and it was its main face beside founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. He said, it became difficult to explain why he wants to withdraw money from a company, "who gave it 100%".

Dhawan's mother Ram said that after Sharma, my daughter was the face of Paytm, whether it was the launch of a new firm or scheme or received by the Patyam, she is the one and it is worth every part of it. , Sector 120 of Sona-Inla and Noida

On Monday, Dhawan, his husband and another wage employee were allegedly arrested for blackmailing and e-wallet founder Sharma, who had been arrested for judicial bidding and sent to judicial custody for two weeks. The charges against all private and corporate data

At the time of his arrest, Dhawan was a vice president and led the corporate communications division of the company.

Dhawan's sister Rupali said that the family is skeptical of the role of a professional opponent who has prepared it "For the past few weeks, she will tell me how a coworker was promoting herself. He warmed up the exchange with her She said, "She was also opposing the pressure to sell her shares in the firm".

According to senior superintendent of police Ajay Pal Sharma (Gautam Buddha Nagar), the evidence against Sonia is the confession of co-conspirator Devendra Kumar's confessional statement, who worked in the box department. SSP said, "Sonia was the only employee who had access to Sharma's personal details."

The official said that Sharma's personal account and card details were used to blackmail them on the data used. SSP said, "They did not have company details or customer data. They were trying to earn money by scaring Sharma."

Rupak's brother Kapil Jain, as Dhawan said that even during the arrest, he felt that it was mixed and the payer founder would clean things up. Jain said, "He asked me to call Sharma and help him." He told Jain, "The conversation was told about a few hours after arresting it was Sector 20 Police Station.

According to other family members, Dhawan's position in the company reflected the trust that he enjoyed the founder "If he visits a shop and does not get the Petty Gateway system, he will call the company immediately and call it Patyam is his family, we are not, "said Rupali.

Sonia started work as Sharma's personal secretary in 2007, three years before she founded Petmoh. She joins them with three years of experience and after receiving a degree in Human Resource Management. He went to the MBA from Noida College in 2014 to get an MBA.

Rupali said, "Sonia started working on a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000. Today, she was portraying over six lakh lakhs."

Dhawan and his husband, Rupak, were married in 2007 and were resting comfortably. "He was such a person who had great ambitions but won a simple life and the rent of Rs 20,000 was paid as a house rent, he had shares of Rs 10 crore if he really wanted to get out of Sharma, So he had demanded 200 million rupees, not 20 crore rupees, "said Rupali P, husband of Rupali

The counsel of one of the accused, Sonia Dhawan, has demanded a police version that after two years of arresting three people in the charge of trying to extract Rs 20 crore from Petmash founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma - arrested. The lawyer is asked why he has been promoted recently in the company.

Dhawan was the long-term secretary of Vijay Shekhar Sharma and later he was promoted to Vice President of Corporate Communications / Public Relations in Paytm.

She was arrested on Monday, October 22 with husband Pratap Jain and another Paytm employee Devendra Kumar. The fourth accused Rohit Chomal, who reportedly made a distortion call, is absconding.

All three have allegedly threatened to lose the data they did and misuse of information. The police said that Dhawan did mastermind of the negligent bid. On Tuesday, October 23, three accused were sent to the magistrate court in Gautam Buddha Nagar for 14 days in judicial custody.

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