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RED Hydrogen One unboxing and hands-on: This is big, RED Hydrogen One specs leak as launch approaches

RED Hydrogen One unboxing and hands-on: This is big, RED Hydrogen One specs leak as launch approaches

 In spite of the startup exploitation at Gennard’s Oakley, despite the history, it was not frustrating in the evening due to an ongoing fight, which became public in 1995 and sold Oakley monopoly lottery in 2007.

 In 2005, Jannard set up against the establishment and the Red Cinema Camera Company, which hit it in the motion picture industry.

Act 2 is a Hydrogen One smartphone from Red, as we have seen before, a spectacular powerhouse is a great powerhouse. In addition to the size, it has standout features, 3D from, and back cameras and screens, which we are allowed to show on our Lang 2D website. But we can show you some new things in our unboxing …

This is my first time with Red Hydrogen One, and I have never used one of the red cameras. My camera piling friends made everyone happy about the cameras of the company, however, I think I am walking on the holy ground here.

Red hydrogen an unboxing

Take it out of the box, feels red hydrogen forest and reminds me HTC EVO 3D for 2018. Heavy, substantial metal weight and definitely 3D display.

 We can not show you the display until the time has been picked up, but a lot has changed since the last 3D fad, which brings us the countless numbers of Nintendo 3DS, the above evo 3D and 3D televisions. Everyone (except maybe 3ds) has gone away, wasted for failure.

Genard tells us the reason that consumer equipment is a demonstration of our eyes due to the failure of the product. Hydrogen will not be the forest

As is the restriction, we do not yet have the permission to express our feelings on this phone, but the reader does not take the brain to see the red hydrogen forest, there are a polarization and interesting device in the world, where almost every phone is introduction Year model.

As seen above, you will also see three rows of connectors from the back. They are for the mode, and compulsory, LG and Moto have tried with them and have failed, Red has promised cinema cameras and high-end audio mode, which are going to be enticing for Red’s fans.

Did I mention that this phone was heavy? Jennard does not make any bones about filling a monster battery in this thing and wrapping it in a protective metal type, which indicates in some case.

 In fact, most people who think that you have slapped a Bud’s super tough case on it. Hydrogen forests have dual front and rear cameras for those three ds, but the more interesting thing for me is that it has grabbed scalloped edges.

 This grip feels like a bronze nose. The adequate weight and strength of the shell may be used to put a hammer in the nail, but I am going to try it more.

It feels great in the pocket and in your pocketbook

Warner Cinematography Tie UP

Since this is a red phone and AT & T is meeting with the recent pickup of Warner Media in the film industry, there will be tie-ins where there will be free full-length 3D movies “Ready Player One” and “Where to Find Great Animals and Where”.

Come with the phone Warner was on this event, we will see whether it is 15 or more currently bearing fruit beyond the planned flick

Will this be a success?
Junnard’s success is difficult to debate with a long career, but the smartphone graveyard is full of the tombs of unsuccessful companies.

 I think that it has all the hinges on different parts price ($ 1299 aluminum – $ 1599 titanium) will be a top-end iPhone, which is already stratospheric compared to prices a few years ago. But I do not think this is a distraction for potential customers in this demographic.

Will Sell Top End Features? Jennard, like another entrepreneur who has entered the phone business from the outskirts, says that it will require only one percent of the smartphone market so big that a part of the percentage of people as a success Can be seen.

We have to wait a few weeks for a deep dive, but if the rest is there, then it is the least fun on any device.

Take a look at some unboxing images below with the event taking something. We will have more on this phone.

To some extent Red Hydrogen One is ready to start shipping this week. But if you can not wait till then, the full space sheet for the phone is leaked through a new infographic, through the immersion

While we have got bits and pieces before that, it is a good place to watch. Most specs are equivalent to a high-end Android phone in 2018: 128 GB storage, 6 GB RAM, a heavy 4,500 mAh battery, aluminum (or titanium, though that model is delayed) case, stereo speaker, and a 5.7 inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution display.

Sheet is not mentioned, but Lal has previously announced that Hydrogen One will ship the previous year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip with the newest Snapdragon 845, which is a little disappointing after the $ 1,195 smartphone

On the hands with Red Hydrogen One, a wild ambitious smartphone

But there are also features that make hydrogen another unique, like the so-called “4V” display which will present some kind of “holographic” view, though red is actually able to do technical work.

 There are also details on the camera which will be able to shoot 4V stills and the video: Double dual 8.3-megapixel lens behind and 12 behind, Megapixel shooters double. Rounding Things is a POGO pin connector to add modular add-on, although the details on them are still thin

It is a bit strange that RED is shipping customers officially without revealing full specs this week.

 But considering all the people who already used to spend at least $ 1,195 for the unseen vision for hydrogen, it is unlikely that the actual number of owners of the first wave for any major difference


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