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Red Sox vs. Dodgers score: Max Muncy ends longest game in World Series history with Game 3 home run


Los Angeles – Baseball Postcassen never saw anything like this.
Seven hours and 20 minutes, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers tried to organize the World Series games 3. No post case game has ever been so long. Something has been very stressful

Red Sox vs. Dodgers score: Max Muncy ends longest game in World Series history with Game 3 home run
Red Sox vs. Dodgers score: Max Muncy ends longest game in World Series history with Game 3 home run

Finally, in the 18th innings on Friday morning on the 561st pitch in the 18th innings, Max Munsey launched a backyard cutter from Nathan Ewaldy on the left area fence at Dodger Stadium. Dodgers’ victory in this world series was 3-2 more lives.

“As soon as the game was running, you see that it is the 18th innings and you are like, ‘holy cow, where did this game go?'” Munsey, whose house gave Dodgers their first win, after Fenway Park two Damage “The last nine innings were actually just blurred together, but as far as our dugout had no deflation, there was no defeat.”

Two Division Series games have retained 18 innings, but no world series has played beyond 14th. This game was about an hour long compared to any other in postseason history and incredibly – 15 more minutes were consumed compared to the entire 1939 World Series, a small Yankee only seven hours five minutes on Cincinnati Cleaning of

Dodgers David Frize, who killed the last game-ending World Series Homer before the Munshi 2011 for St. Louis, said, “If we did not take it out, we would just play fun.” -0, this is very hard. I am happy for these people. We only fight and fight and fight. “

So Red Sox, especially Ivoldey, whose 97 pitches were recorded by the history of the world series. Eovaldi won two debuts at the American League Playoffs and was scheduled to start the game 4. Now he has played three world series in relief, and Red Sox has not named Starter on Saturday.

“I asked him how proud I am,” manager Alex Kora said about Ewwaldi. “This effort was wonderful, it was a good baseball game. People return home, but it is probably the best, if not the best, the game has always been a part of it.”

Eduardo Nunez of Boston was checked down by a trainer and manager Alex Cora, who was secured at an error by slipping into the first base in the 13th inning, who sent the house to move forward. Then the Dodgers tied the game down the innings.

Credit via Richard Matters / USA Today Sports
The game ended in Boston on Saturday at 3:30 pm, and Los Angeles fans stood up and saw the stadium scoreboard midnight. Till the time associated with Monsieur, the crowd of 53,114 fans rarely touched, and now they know that the world series will grow until at least Sunday.

Until then, no matter how pitches happen, teams set records for joint pitches used in World Series games: 18, do not count Dodgers Clayton Kehoe, who, as a pinch-hitter in the 17th innings Underline, just add to the night of zaniness

Kehoe said, “Regular weather, you are probably hoping for some of them,” Clubhouse Chef had prepared peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the players. “You do not expect a game like this in the World Series. An incredible game, it was really.”

The Prattawl from Eduardo Nunez of Boston, who did not even play until the 10th innings, but managed to fall at four different places: the batsman’s box hit 13th in the Catcher against Austin Barnes; After slipping into safe moments later, dirt around the first base; The third base is standing, after catching a foul pop and tilting under the inning; And after making a strange catch in 16th, the pitcher’s mill

Center Fielder, Cody Bellinger, performed brilliantly, who grabbed Nunez’s fly ball at 10th place and put a laser in the plate to cut Ian Kinsler, which was the third from tagging. Bellinger was chosen by ninth place by David Price, Boston’s Game 2 Starter, who was working in relief

Bellinger said, “I’m glad I got a chance to get rid of myself.” “I would not be able to sleep.”

Went home in front of Munsey – in the third innings, a single shot by Rick Porcello, Jody Pederson of Dodgers, and another Red Sox ‘Jackie Bradley Jr. tied the game with Kenley Janssen at the eighth place. Jansen gave relief to Rookie Starter Walker Buhller, who was shining for seven shuttles.

Manager Dave Roberts said, “He has got tremendous stuff,” and he stays for such moments. “

In the seven-scoring innings of the World Series, Pitcher played seven innings and allowed two hits or less to reduce only twice: Don Larsen entered in his right game in 1956 and Roger Clemens in 2000. Buhler joined Yankee on Friday, a strong lineup whose first two hitters, Muki Bates, and Accenture Boosters scored 0 for 15

A ‘Bright Lite,’ Homelessness has dimmed in the shadow of Astor Island; Eroding Entertainment was busy in the outfield, at least, her situation had changed six times, similar to Bradley because Red Sox tried to stay away from another outfielder.

 The first is Jedi Martinez, which is usually the designated hitter, and then the brock hole, which is usually a blockbuster. ImageDodger fans are watching the warmth before game 3 in Los Angeles.

The New York Times regular left fielder, CreditMonica Almeida for Andrew Benedict, started on Friday so Martinez could have stayed in the lineup. Benitez once batted and hit as a pinch-hit.

 The game was full of extremely impossible moments that both the teams scored an infield single and throwing an error in the 13th innings. After the Halt walked, Red Sox caught hold of him, stole in the second place, and Pitcher Scott Alexander threw a drubber in the wild after being thrown by Nunez in the wild, which remained on the ground for some time.

 “She likes, ‘I’m not coming out,'” Corea said, who had used all except Pitch’s Chris Sale and Dru Pomeranz, ‘I said:’ Well, you can not come out. And not the players. ‘”Nunez, however, went awkward, and he could not score before Sandy Leone’s double-double-double.

 An additional run was used for Red Sox because Dodgers had tied it in the lower part of the innings when Kinsler threw an infinite hit by YCL Puig, from which Monsie – who went home. Mansi almost won the game 15th, but his deep drive was that he was the domestic run leader of Dodgers in this season,

with 35 years of age, and spent two unknowingly sessions with Oakland Athletics in the last two years, in 2017 He was released in the spring training.

Munshi changed his attitude, developed a clear Crowch, and despite receiving promotion last year, he believed that the main league staff of Dodgers had done him with him in his first spring training, and when he prepared mid-April, Munshi Was there Marks Stein’s newsletter Mark Stein covered Jordan.

That’s covered the Kobe. And take the NBA curtain back with LeBron vs. Warrior League’s leading expert. Monsie said, “Signature sign” had many mechanical changes, and most importantly, there were so many psychological changes.

 “And whatever has been put together has been at this point now.” That point was the domestic plate, after midnight, the team’s fellow enveloped with a new hope of winning Dodgers’ first championship in 30 years.

Los Angeles Dodgers beat Boston Red Sox 3-2 in the 2018 World Series Games 3 on Friday night. It was an 18-inch case that was the longest game in the history of the world series. As a result, Red Sox now leads the best chain from 2-1 margins. On Saturday, both sides will play again in Los Angeles.

But before we learn whether the series will last for a long time or not, what happened on Friday – and, well, on Saturday. Here are 11 things to know about Game 11

Monsie closes it
It took the 18th, but Max Munsey finished the game with the Walk-Off Homer against Nathan Ewaldi, which was close to 100 pitches in relief. In this process, he made some history:

Eric Stephen
Dodgers Post cases Walk-Off Home Run:

Kirk Gibson (October 15, 1988)
Justin Turner (October 15, 2017)
Max Munsey (October 26, 2018)

12:30 am – 27 Oct, 2018
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Earlier in the game, in the 15th, Monsie had finished the game on almost a long fly ball which was spoiled.

With a swing, Munshi Dodgers’ championship hopes for a new life to breathe. We will see if they are living or not

2. Nunez central in the unusual 13th
Due to lack of production and poor defense, Eduardo Nunez has been criticized throughout the postseason. He is making this series with 1 home run in the series.

In Game 3, Nunez came to the plate in the top of the 13th and Otin Barnes placarded during an at-bat while trying to retrieve the ball. Brock Holt was able to reach second place. It seems that Nunez was wounded and could get out – which was an issue because Red Sox had eliminated the player supply from his position.

Soon after this, Nunez hit Pitcher a grounder and took part in an infielded single. He was safe, it does not matter where the ball went, but once again it remained. Then Nunz may have been in the fact that Holt scored runs to move forward, at that time his pain came easily.

Fox Sports

Boston score in the 13th!

Broad Holt scored on the Eduardo Nunez ground to give leadership to Boston in the 13th innings!

10:15 pm – October 26, 2018
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Nunez was not expected to play any major role in this series, yet he got an opportunity to run on a pop-up from his moved position, from which he stood up. This allowed Max Munsey to move to second place, and soon he will score an error by Ian Kinsler who ends the game.

Instead, the game cried, to make sure Nunez’s heroes will be shadowed soon.

3. Red Sox bullpen puts them in
Speaking of potential heroes, Red Sox Bullpen started his long night for the fifth time, when Ric Porcello 4 went after 2/3 innings. Porcelain allowed a run at that point, but would not be able to add a total to the dodgers frame.

Instead, Eduardo Rodrigues escaped from Fifth. Then Joe Kelly, Ryan Brasser, Matt Barnes, David Price, Craig Kimbrell, Heath Hamburg, and Nathan Ewaldi – who were originally scheduled to begin. The frame clearly iwaldileft one run (uncontrolled) in the 13th and then left another earned (earned) in the 18th, but Red Sox bullpen essentially threw a hidden shutout.

Regardless of the end result, especially Vivaldi deserves interest for the night before night.

4. Bellinger recalls herself again in the 10th
Despite winning in the 9th, Kodi Bellinger was chosen. He made it in the 10th innings.

First, to set up the scene: Red Sox was a runner with one at the corners. If Ian Kinsler, who was at third place, was selected on almost the first basis (Replay confirmed that he was safe), and subsequently tagged almost after the third over-sliding:

View Image on Twitter
View Image on Twitter

Jack cocks

You do not want to watch in the 10th episode of World Series games.

8:59 pm – October 26, 2018
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Kinsler attempted to score the center on Nunez Fly, even though Bellinger threw a strong hold on the grip. Austin Barnes was able to catch the ball on the third base line and applied the tag, at the bottom of the 10th, the game was tied 1-1. Just look:


Rescued by Bellinger

9:04 PM – October 26, 2018
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5. Buhler was fantastic
It can be argued that Walker Buhler was Dodgers’s most trusted starter in regular weather. He started eight more games than Hyun-Jin Reu and posted a better ERA and FIP than the rotation of Los Angeles. Wherever he ranked, he looked like number 1 on Friday.

Buhler played seven innings, two hits, and no runs. He hit seven batsmen. Both hits were allowed in the third innings, and each was a bases-empty single. Buhler made 12 swing strikes on 108 pitches – 10 of them came on fastball varieties, however, they fixed the average distance of 98 miles per hour and 100 miles per hour on their heater.

Jason Stark

Walker Buhler’s Night:
First 53 Pitches: 7 Exclusions
Last 19 pitches: 7 out

6:33 pm – October 26, 2018
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Joel Sherman

@ Johlsherman1
Buhler has thrown 55 pitches in the first innings, about half (27) 2 strikes #DodersRh has placed #Redox Scoreless

6:01 pm – October 26, 2018
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Buhler captured long first innings to throw six more efficient frames. He had recorded the sixth start of at least seven innings for the Dodgers in the last two post seconds. He also made a bit of history:

Eric Stephen
Dodgers Pitchers younger than 25 with scorer posters:

1) Johnny Padres (23): Game 7, 1955 Shutdown in the World Series
2) Walker Buhler (24): Game 3, 7 IP in the 2018 World Series

7:19 pm – October 26, 2018
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Keep in mind, this was Beachler’s first Career World Series. His team was in the hole 2-0, he is facing a lineup that goes to make runs. Add it all together and it was one of the best pitching performances we’ve seen throughout the month.

6. Jansen spreads, saves
Before Friday, Kenely Jenson closed dodgers were not visible in the World Series. It was a safe bet, then, he would play at any time, provided it was close. The boy did Dave Roberts work as Jansen with the eighth and ninth work for his seventh two-plus-inning presence in the last three post seconds.

Yes, Jansen did not close the door. Instead, he allowed Jackie Bradley Jr. to play a typing home at the eighth place, he was the eighth and the ninth left. But his presence raises questions about whether he will be available or not, for how long – in every game after Los Angeles.

7. Bradley Junior gets bigger once again
Credit to Bradley Jr.: The friend makes a lot of hits.

Entering the night, Bradley Jr. had six hits in this possession, two home runs, one and two doubles. He added two more hits on Friday, in which the game-typing Homer was against a Janssen:

Fox Sports

JBJ Clutch is Jane!

Jackie Bradley Jr. closed Kenley Jansen at 8th place!

7:52 PM – October 26, 2018
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Bradley Jr. won the ALCS MVP award on the basis of coming up with some big hits. That’s unlikely to win the World Series MVP, but he also played an important role in Game 3.

8. Pederson Homers Again
In the third innings, a Joke Pedersen home run is the most played game for the sole score. For Pedersen, it was his fourth home run at the beginning of the six world series. It is efficient and remarkable:

View Image on Twitter
View Image on Twitter

ESPN statistics and information

Joke Pedersen starts with his fourth home run in the 6 career world series.

Those 4 World Series HRs are tied in the third most @ Dodgers history

Duke is the only player with Snyder (11) and Gill Hodges (5).

6:14 PM – October 26, 2018
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Pedersen entered a career in the night. 247 / .340 / .473 in the Post Cessen Hitter 40 game.

9. Machado is having trouble in the stir
Manny Machado raised eyebrows during NLCS when he disclosed that he did not have a big time – and he is uncertain if he can change then all those comments are being reminded, he is going to run the house. – Then regretted after the ball collided with the wall and he was held on the same one:

Fox Sports: MLB

Manny Machado thought he was going home on this swing …


7:11 pm – October 26, 2018
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Darren Wilman

Manny Machado first home …. 7.17 seconds

7:09 pm – October 26, 2018
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The next batsman, Kodi Bellinger, was eliminated from the end. In a sense, maybe it was not but people are able to agree on the potential additional base hit in the world series.

10. History says…
You might think that empirical data tells us about the best series entering the same 2-1 state. According to baseball gauge, the host team – Red Sox,


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