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Trump says Saudis staged ‘worst cover-up ever’ on Khashoggi; US revokes visas of some Saudis


President Donald Trump said on Monday, “The worst cover-up” in the murder of Chief journalist Jamal Khashoggi this month because the United States attributed the visa to some of them.

Trump says Saudis staged ‘worst cover-up ever’ on Khashoggi; US revokes visas of some Saudis
Trump says Saudis staged ‘worst cover-up ever’ on Khashoggi; US revokes visas of some Saudis

Trump spoke about Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, the Saudi authorities dismissed Erdogan to find “up from the bottom” to highlight those people behind the death of the zoo in Saudi consulate in Riyadh on 2 October in Istanbul Urged, an event that has led to global oppression and stressful relations between Riyadh and Washington

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For the aliens of Saudi Arabia, the question is, they will believe that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has portrayed himself as a reformer, has no criminality.

Trump said that the murder of Saudi Arabia and later cover-up was “a total quarrel”.

Trump told reporters, “There should never be a performance or cover-up because it should never have happened.” He said that he had talked with Taj Rajkumar on Monday, who refused to do anything with the murder of Khashoggi.

Earlier, Trump said that the Khashoggi case was handled badly by Saudi officials.

Trump told reporters in the White House, “Bad deal, someone really messed up and they had the worst cover-up.”

Taj Rajkumar’s critics were Khashoggi, the American resident and Washington Post, columnist

In recent times, Trump’s comments refer to Saudi Arabia as “very serious” results and potential economic sanctions, for collaborative comments with Iran and Islamist terrorists as well as a major buyer of US weapons.

Trump finally did not consider who responsible. But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States identified some Saudi government and security officials because it is believed that involvement of the murders involves the killings and will take appropriate action including canceling the US visa.

U.S. The State Department said that 21 Saudi had canceled them or was disqualified for the US visa. Another official said that most of the groups have US visas

Pompeo told reporters, “Since we continue to develop our understanding of those people who were responsible for it, not only those people who executed it, but the world should know that this fact is determined.”

Pompeo also said that the State Department was looking for people involved.

Pompeo said, “These penalties will not be the last word on this matter from the United States,” however, along with other senior US officials as well as the importance of US-Saudi relations is “neither President nor I I am happy with this situation. “

The Saudi Embassy in Washington did not respond to requests from American measures

As the crisis unfolded in the last three weeks, Saudi Arabia changed its tunes on the horror. Riyadh initially denied information about the fate of Mr. Khashoggi that he had been killed in a fight in the consulate, an account was received from suspicion by several Western governments, which is to deal with the relationship between the world’s largest oil exporter Were affected.

As part of the investigations into the death of investigators, Saudi Arabia detained 18 people and rejected five senior officials. One of those people included Saud al-Qahtani, who was the top ally, who had escaped for the social media for Prince Mohammad, according to intelligence sources, Katani slayed Khashoggi by ordering on Skype.

Turkish security sources say that when Khashoggi had entered the consulate, he had confiscated only two hours before the Saudi intelligence workers.

Erogone wow

On Tuesday, Erdogan stopped the mention of Taj Rajkumar, which was ordered by some American suspects.

“The Saudi administration has taken an important step by accepting the murder. Erdogan said in a speech in Parliament:” From now on, we expect that we highlight all responsibilities of this matter from top to bottom and face them as necessary. a punishment. “

The Turkish president said, “The person who has given the order, to be the person to become a person, they should all be kept in mind.”

Turkish sources have said that Erdogan has not done audio recording.

In a Saudi cabinet meeting chaired by King Salman, it has been said that Riyadh will blame the responsible people for them and those who have failed in their duty, whatever they were.

According to Broadcaster CNN Turk, Turkish investigators discovered a Saudi consulate vehicle in Istanbul which transmits two satellites and other objects. It was not clear what was in the suitcase

‘Broom Murder’

Trump said that he would work with the US Congress to determine the American response to the case.

Trump said, “In the context of what we are doing, I am going to leave it – over Congress,” Trump said that he wants a bilateral recommendation.

In order to investigate the death of investigators, CIA director Gina Haspell in Turkey has sought an authorized audio recording of his harassment and murder in the report of four sources familiar with his mission.

A host of Western officials and governments have stepped out of a high-profile Saudi investment summit which began on Tuesday.

Erdogan said that a plan was planned to kill the 59-year-old Khashoggi, to receive necessary documents for his marriage at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on September 28, he had said that he needed to return later.

A day before the death of Kshogoggi, the agent came from abroad and started scouting locations located in the south of Belgrade Forest and Yellowova near Istanbul, Erdogan said. The news of the remains of Kshoggiji has been reported, the police have reported

Erdogan said that the day Khashoggi arrived for his appointment and was later killed, the hard disk in the embassy camera system was removed.

He said, “To cover such a cruel assassination, we expect all the parties, mainly the sensitivity of the Saudi Arabian leadership.”

“We have strong indications that the murder was the result of a schematic operation, not an easy development.”

‘Many questions unanswered’

Professor Jan Zbour of the Science Po University in Paris said that the fact is that the Erdogan did not decide for sharp generosity against Riyadh that the two nations were talking behind the scenes.

He told AFP, “Very little speech of Erdogan shows that a deal has been completed.”

But the affiliates are worried

A group of seven industrialized nations said in a joint statement that the murder “did not leave unanswered many questions.” Denmark also called the Saudi ambassador in this matter

The murder has sparked spotlight on Mohammed bin Salman, who was given credit for the reform campaign in the state, but is now accused of ordering the murder of Khashoggi

A major investment summit called “Davos in the desert” was covered with big name cancellation because it was kicked in Riyadh.

Dozens of banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and Ride Ab Uber officials pulled out of the three-day future investment initiative

Saudi organizers demanded it to be painted in general, announced 12 “mega deals” of more than $ 50 billion in oil, gas, infrastructure and other areas.

But Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih admitted that “we are going through a crisis.”


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