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Twitter Will Now Publicly Shame Users Who Post Offensive Tweets

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Twitter’s new policy changes will help users understand when the social network has taken any action against a particular tweet or account.

Twitter Will Now Publicly Shame Users Who Post Offensive Tweets
Twitter is making some changes to the policy, which explains how Twitter has violated the Terms of Service of Twitter.  
This is the latest step in a long line of measurements, which should be used to clean the content shared by users on the forum, after the history of criticism, which is not able to clean up its work.The biggest update to the policy is how Twitter will handle the tweeted Tweets. If a user, or multiple users, report a particular tweet as a problem or problem, then Twitter will always run through various standards to see if it violates the Twitter rule policy guidelines.  
If this happens, the contents of the tweet will be blocked with the message “This tweet is no longer available because it violates the Twitter rules.
The company’s official statement said that, whenever Twitter took action against any particular post, it was always obvious to other users “When we launch a tweet, we add new information to make it They are. “In fact, the next big solution is that unless a person acts on a reported tweet and removes it, they will be barred from publishing any new tweets until they do so .
 Additionally, the message will be displayed for 14 days of tweet removal action, so that followers of any derogatory account should know that an aggressive Twitter has been posted and successfully reported. It will appear on twitter.com, user profile and any third party application.The second change is related to what you have said on Twitter, note that you are reporting it to be offensive, to be spam or even to humiliate or threaten you,
 that tweet on your timeline Do not want to see Twitter will now hide the tweets you reported, with the message “You had reported this tweet.
If you still want to see that tweet in question at any time, you have the “View” option to do this that you need to tap.These updates are a part of the changes being made by Twitter, to combat aggressive posts, fake news, hate speech and online threats better. 
 Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has mentioned that the Senate Intelligence Committee is hearing that the social media company is working on better transparency measures, including the suspended for Twitter accounts.Twitter says this next month, and will be available to all users in the next few days.
Now you can’t ‘escape’ by simply deleting abusive tweets.
 Twitter is making very necessary changes to its policy for offensive or abusive tweets violating its Code of Conduct. With this upcoming change, Twitter users can not easily remove offensive content and can not go away.
 Twitter will now highlight the tweets that have been forcibly removed after being reported against users. Twitter says that with this change, other Twitter users will know whether an aggressive Twitter infringer Twitter policy or removed who has tweeted it.“When we decide that there is a violation of the Twitter rules, we will have to cancel it first.” Now, once we need to remove a tweet, we will display a notice that the tweet is unavailable because it is the twitter rules Violates rules and links to an article that provides more information about implementing our rules, “Twitter’s official blog, Product Manager In Tojhr saidGenerally when something controversial happens, a popular Twitter user, other general Twitter users, find it difficult to understand whether Twitter has taken any action against objectionable content. By saying that Twitter does not suspend accounts that violate the Code of Conduct.“This notice will appear on both specific Tweets for 14 days of the account’s profile and tweets,” added Tojor.
In the meantime, Twitter is already testing news feeds, enabling the way to switch between a timeline of “Timeline of the most relevant and latest tweets” for you.


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