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Almost All Pakistani Banks Hacked, Data of Customers Stolen In Major Security Breach: Report

A major case of hacking data from almost all the banks running in Pakistan has emerged. In a report published in the media, the officer of a senior cyber crime department said this.

Almost All Pakistani Banks Hacked, Data of Customers Stolen In Major Security Breach: Report
Almost All Pakistani Banks Hacked, Data of Customers Stolen In Major Security Breach: Report

According to a news in Geo News, about 10 days after all 10 international banks stopped the ban, the matter came to light. The banks took these steps after worrying about theft in the data related to credit and debit cards.

Captain Mohammad Shoaib, director of the Cyber Crime Branch of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said in a shocking revelation: "According to a recent report we have received, statistics of almost all the banks have been hacked." He said that the FIA has written a letter to all the banks and is being called the meeting of banks and security management.

In a major security breach, statistics of most of the banks running in Pakistan have been hacked, a media report said Tuesday on a senior cyber crime official.

The Geo News report states that 10 banks disclosed their cards some days after blocking all international transactions, following concerns about the violation of credit and debit card data was raised.

In a shocking publication, Captain Mohamed Shoaib, director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing said: "According to a recent report, almost all the Pakistani banks hacked the data we received."

He said that the FIA has written to all the banks, and a meeting of banks' heads and security management was convened.

Shoaib said, "The bank is the custodian of the money of those people who have collected them," he said, that if they weaken their security features they are also responsible, as a result they steal.

Last week, the official said, a gang was arrested, after withdrawing money from the banks and withdrawing money, the data of the people was collected after the bankers.

Many commercial banks have informed State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) that they have blocked international payments on debit and credit cards as carefully as possible after cyber attacks on their clients' accounts.

Quoting a digital security website krebsonsecurity.com, the report said that more than 8,000 account holders 'figures of about 10 Pakistani banks were sold in the hackers' market.

The first case of cyberattacks on Pakistan Bank was reported by Bank Islam on October 27.

Bank said that 2.6 million rupees have been stolen from international payment card, after which he has stopped such transactions on biometricly verified payment and Pakistan's only ATM card.

The next day, the Central Bank (SBP) issued instructions to all the banks to ensure that security measures on all information technology systems related to card operations were given to the future challenges, real time monitoring and transactions related to card operating systems Is constantly updated to complete.

The report said that all those integrated payment plans, switch operators and media service providers were asked to make immediate coordination.

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