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Hearthstone’s next expansion is Rastakhan’s Rumble

Rastakhan's Rumble Hearthstone will be the next expansion: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment's Digital Trading Card Game.

Hearthstone’s next expansion is Rastakhan’s Rumble
Hearthstone’s next expansion is Rastakhan’s Rumble

The new card set is themed around the spirit of competition and the culture of an ancient fictional civilization. Nine mythological trolls are gathered in Strangleththorn Wilds (one for each section of the Hearthstone) so that they can take part in the fight of one generation at a time in favor of the blessings of the low spirits and troll king Rakhakhan. Its name coincides with the name of the upcoming Teller Event, which was mistakenly leaked from the Snow Storm Korea's YouTube channel.

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Nine loa will appear as a new mythical minion card for each category, which includes "Shirvala, Tiger", in which 7/5 legendary Palladin Minion is with Divine Shield, Rush and Lifestyle, which is worth 25 - but Its cost can be reduced Casting spells Each class will also get their own spirit card, every rare, 0/3 minion with a turn for theft, and an additional capacity. Each square 'soul card will get together with its mythical minions.

Rastakhan Rumble Hearthstone will present a new keyword in "Overkill", which will allow a weapon or minion to attack more than once per turn, if its previous attack destroys a minion, it is less than Minion's health Is less than 1 point, the amount of damage in excess quantity

It will also launch with a new single mode, Rumble Run, where players will upstart the young troll looking for the champion title; And a new teller ball event that uses new mechanics of some detail and is playable at the bottom of BlizzCon today.

While the Blizzard was expected to reveal the expansion in BlizzCon today, PC Gamers accidentally posted the details (which was taken away by Reddit), giving some information to us, PC Gamer has pulled out his post.

If the Rumble Rumble Rumble adheres to the pattern of the previous Mythstone expansion, then the player can purchase a special card for the 50-pack bundle of the new card and $ 49.99, and potentially 80-pack bundles for the $ 79.99 extra mythological Card

Rastakhan Rumble will be available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PCs on Deccan. 4, 2018, pre-order is available immediately, it is the final expansion in the year of Hearthstone, the recent expansion of Mythstone, The Boomede Project, was released in August 2018.

Blizzard Entertainment announced today the next expansion for Hearthstone during his Blitzcon program in Anaheim, California. This is called Rastakhan Rumble, and it launched on PC and mobile platform on December 4.

Hearthstone is the King of Digital Card Game Market, in which intelligence group SuperData estimates that the free-to-play game will bring $ 414 million in revenues this year. Heathstone makes most of his money by selling digital card packs to players, and the expansion means that people will have new cards to buy.

This third and final expansion is the rotating cycle in the heartthone, at the beginning of a new cycle, the old extensions are rolled out of the standard format. This makes it easier for older players to enter the game without buying a card pack, and by removing those old cards, if you want to play Heathstone with each card, you can try wild format.

Gallery: Rakhkhan Rumble

Rakhkhan Jandalari is the King of Troll, he is an important character in the battle for the current World Warcraft expansion, Azeroth. He will focus on the newest Mythstone troll and his gods, Loa will become a master in the next attack. Each of the nine classes of the game will have a new mythical card based on the trolley champion. Each class also receives a legend on the basis of Loa.

The extension will also include a new single mode, Rumble Run. You choose one of the troll champions and climb the rank of Gurubashi Arena. If it works like single-player mode, Dungeon Run for Cobolls and Catacombs expansion, then you start with a small deck of cards and then add more to it after each win. These are adding the methods for which a player should not have a comprehensive collection of cards, because creative plays, and if you face all the challenges, you can earn a special cardback.

Hearthstone has long been the king of digital card games, but soon it will get some new competition. Valve's artifact comes at the end of this month, and Magic: The Gathering Arena is in Beta.

This extension adds a new keyword, overkill. If you hit the character with the overkill card, you can earn extra capacity. As an example, one weapon can attack again.

The Blizzard is offering two different preorder bundles for the Rumble: a 17-card pack (The Challenger Bundle) with a special cardback, and the 50-pack Rumble bundle that comes with King Rakhkhhan (a quenching hero) is.

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