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Solari to stay as Real Madrid coach until the end of the season.


Real Madrid director Emilio Buegueno lauded Santiago Solari and said that the club caretaker was “very happy” with the coach

Solari to stay as Real Madrid coach until the end of the season.
Solari to stay as Real Madrid coach until the end of the season.

Solari guided Madrid to fourth straight victory after being charged with a 4-2 win over Celta Vigo in Lalliga on Sunday.

With the arrival of his temporary magic, Solari still can get a permanent job in Madrid, and Botugeno said he was happy with Argentina.

The director of the institutional relations of Madrid told Movistar + “The truth is we are very happy with him.”

“There is no doubt that he has got very good results here.

“It was a very complicated game and we also fought with injuries, [but] we had personality and character.”

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Winning and defeating Barcelona’s Real Betis, Madrid have now moved to Madrid in the sixth place despite top position in the top spot.

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Butragueno said that the Madrid team was good enough to compete on many fronts this season.

He said, “We have a very good player and the team is getting better and better, we have taken advantage of our possibilities and we are very happy, we should continue this way.”

“The game-ending line-up is a clear example that we have a competitive team, because everything in the team’s personality is desired.”

According to a report by El Cheeringito, Santiago Solari Real will be the coach of the first team in Madrid. According to a report, according to a report, L. Chargingito, according to a report, Los Blancos has won four straight games and Solari, initially appointed as an interim coach, will be given an opportunity to finish the season and prove that his good The beginning does not make any difference.

Real Madrid thought of signing East Chelsea coach Antonio Conte as soon as he sacked Lopezgui, but Captain Sergio Ramos suggested that because he was not in the dressing room, both club and Conte changed his mind. .

Now, Solari will finish the season with the team and if Madrid is managing the season this season, it will also get a chance. At the moment, Los Blancos is four points behind Barcelona in La Liga table.


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