Xiaomi celebrated his 8th birthday with the introduction of MI 8 flagship, MIUI 10, and MI band 3 wearable. As the smartphone started, we were pleased to see a new phone with Snapdragon 845 and Whitnut, but the band kept us buzzing a few days later.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.

Xiaomi entered the wearable market four years ago, followed a similar strategy as its phone business, which saw its Chinese competitors from the brand edge. The main takeaway from the first-general MI band was its ability: the cost of only $ 15, it was much cheaper than any other product, which offered a similar set of features.

It is not surprising that the MI band has become one of the most popular products for Xiaomi. The company introduced an updated version – Mi Band 2 – 2016 with the OLED display and heart rate monitoring, everything $ 25

With Mi Band 3, Xiaomi is offering a large OLED screen, improved heart rate, activity monitoring facilities and water resistance up to 50 meters. MI band is as cheap as the first model in the series 3, retail sales for $ 25 in China There is also a model with NFC connectivity available for only $ 30

To get a fitness tracker to get a fitness tracker you will have to open more than $ 100, which provides heart rate monitoring, but with a MI band available for a quarter cost, it is easy to see why Xiaomi is the second most world Wearable manufacturer in

Xiaomi sold more than 3.7 million MI bands in the first quarter of 2018, and Mi Band 3 saw more than one million sales in the first two weeks of its availability in China. If you are looking for a fitness band, then MI Band 3 definitely puts all the boxes, but how does it feel to use it on a day-to-day basis? let’s find out

Xiaomi MI Band 3

Value: $ 30

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.

Bottom line: MI Band 3 is a great way to start with wearable substances. At $ 30, the hurdle for entry is enough to make the bank more accessible, and offer features make it one of the best budget fitness trackers available today.

Large old panel

Water resistance to 50 meters

Monitoring of heart rate

Automatic activity tracking

Incredible battery life

Tracking is not always accurate

Screen view is not great outdoor

View in the gearbest

Xiamie Mi Band 3 review

Xiamie Mi Band 3 What do I like
Interested in wearable goods in recent years, but the offerings of Xiaomi are always performing well. This is also the main draw with MI Band 3 – at its core, this is an inexpensive way to measure your daily activity, sleep patterns and mirror notifications in your wrist from your phone.

Especially useful for things like the big 0.78-inch OLED panel (with a resolution of 128×80) and weather updates, MI Band 3 is fit for more information in the form of screens. The touchscreen is not the most responsive, but it is worse than Fitbit Alta HR.

When it comes to value, there is nothing in the market

In fact, MI Band 3 is very similar to Alta HR in terms of dimensions, although the bigger screen means that it is wide. It comes in 20g – just under the 22G of Alta HR – so you will not have any inconvenience to wear it

Like its predecessor, MI Band 3 does a great job, you will be able to scroll through different screens on the band, including steps taken, weather information and upcoming notifications, and the option to choose from different ways. Is the facial face

MI Band 3 also has a button at the bottom of the screen. Like Alta HR – which automatically measures your heart rate during one day – MI Band 3 logs your comfort heart rate, and you can make a long press button by a measurement trigger.

Clearly, the gadget was a hit in its domestic market, because two weeks later, the clerk explained with sadness that all MI Band 3 devices have been sold.

Eventually, the device managed to get our office, so here are our impressions

Remove from the box

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review Price specification and everything you need know.

The retail package is a simple white box with a transparent cover which is not surprising in itself – soft bandage, MI Band 3 itself and a small USB dongle to charge. Fortunately, if you are the owner of Mi Band 2, you can use your charger with each other – though MI band 3 is seldom a device that requires frequent charging.

The design
Unpacking it, you see a bigger screen – it’s OLED and increases to 0.42 “to 0.78”. The front is winding for better aesthetics and nothing because the whole thing is touch sensitive, only a small rectangle in the center

The device has been able to grow in size, but the strap has the same footprint, so when you can not insert MI Band 2, you are effectively taking the same size tool on your wrist.

According to Xiaomi, the HR sensor was developed and is now faster and more accurate. There is also an accelerometer if you are a person who walks with all kinds of electronics on your body, then do not rely on MI Band 3 because its purpose is for everyday use, the skirting world series that you have prepared.

Overall, Xiaomi followed the old saying “If it is not broken, do not fix it”. It was working fine and nothing came of prominence – only minor improvements

The screen
Now you can swipe up and down, left and right to go through the panels – pedometer, distance, burn calories, battery capacity, weather forecast, exercise recording.

It takes one or two days to know how the button works – a tap gives you a home screen with the clock, a long tap activates the selected option.

To make it a button on Mi Band 3, Xiaomi has to be rotated slightly – compared to the predecessor it is less intrusive for the eyes.

Since we have touched different things, let us come in the details. Heart rate can be measured at fixed intervals so that you can monitor it throughout the day. This is the only way to get rid of your pulse change during various activities.

The pedometer algorithm is more accurate when you participate in the game. Real-time distance, duration, and other related metrics. Thanks to 5 ATMs and IP 67 ratings, you can swim and cycle without worrying about water or sweat.

Your weight is an option to measure, but it works better with a mile scale, otherwise, you will have to track your every measurement manually, and it will kill the full stretch of smart connectivity

Sleep has been sworn The modified MI Fit app adheres to your sleep schedules and rem, and explains it with proper visuals. Once you have enough days to track, you will get tips

Last sleep cycle

Here’s a personal opinion – because I work with the smartphone during the day, I leave my pixel 2 XL out of the bedroom during the night. My son depends on the old school alarm clock, but I wake up before that, so I have MI band 3 which is to raise me with a decent buzz (which neither feels soft nor if you are deep Sleepy, but still does the job).

Inactive Alert incoming call alert lift
Passive alert • incoming call alert • lift wrist • display settings for viewing information

As a smart wearable, MI Band 3 also reads notifications and notices on the call. If you turn it off, you will get a bit more juice from the battery, because it will shake a little less.

battery life
Xiaomi did a great job with MI Band 2 and its battery life. With MI Band 3 making a bit bigger, the capacity grew to 110 MAH. Of course, the touchscreen requires a little more power, but you will easily go away for two weeks without needing to plug it

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has made the basics in your daily life while being as low as possible. It’s light, inhuman and stylish with great battery life


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