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After namaz row in Noida ‘illegal’ pandal for katha event removed from Greater Noida ground


A great cantt was noticed at 37 public from a 37,000 in the field of Great Noida in 37th of the number of officials, which was removed from officials officials on Wednesday, it allows for age that the organizers did not allow for this.

With the action not only one Nissa Police had issued a comment that they would be responsible if their employees had made a ranking of Pamra in an area-58 public park.

Wednesday, Grutter Noida officials said that they have complained with some residents of the area -3 regarding the function in the Casena area.

The officials officials had removed the pandem while the function was on.

“We got information that some people stood a pandal and organized without any function.

According to the process, the proper action was taken and the people were informed that if they want to organize a function, they can do this after the permission from the Greater Noida Authority.

Can be reviewed well for the authority police, the police and the city magistrate,” said Chronic Kumar Gupta, a few executive officers, “Greater Noida Authority.

Police said that organizers did not ask for their permission and they were not involved in the after-action by the Greater Noida Authority.

“A team of officers from Greater Noida Authority was removed from a resident that was resulted by 37 residents in the area.

37 grams. Residents had not asked for any permission to catch the festival function from the conclusion.

The sharing police station station station station Office Ramal Singh said,” Many people opposed the works of the authority, it was not extended.

Singh said, “We told the movement devotees that they continue their religious ceremony after allowing the Greater Noida Authority.

They agreed on this and there was no forefros on the site.”

He said, “Today, the state government was not intended to hurt the spirit of any community with today’s action.”

The devotees did not ask for any demand for catching the festival and this is the reason why the information of Noida Police had built a political yifst with anti-socialist party.

The allegations hope that in the Uttar Pradesh, the Rangal Party made an interest before the 2019 general elections.

Tuesday, Gautam Muda Municipal district Magistrate BN Singh Calls in the police, who issued notice to companies in Noida, saying that they are not giving any permission to the locations of people offering 5 km in the city.


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