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OnePlus caught cutting bezels of the OnePlus 6T in ads


Remember the controversy about Lenovo’s Z5 and its bezels, which is much bigger in reality than its official images? Well, it is certain that OnePlus has not learned anything from that defeat.

Here a Twitter user is saying something about OnePlus 6T that pops up on the Instagram. Look closely, see if you can know what is, erm, is not exactly true for life.

Dro ⌁@pedropeguerojr

Hey @OnePlus that chin ain’t that small 🤔

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Yes, it seems that the marketing department of a company’s company has decided that those who see this advertisement misconceived about the top and bottom Bezal of the phone, they are definitely a good idea. one plus

Such things have never really been backfired, so it will clear all the work and people will go to the OnePlus website to buy the device and they will completely ignore the fact that it is a different Looks like it or when it is in their hands it gets. one plus

Smartphone makers have tried to deceive their customers by repeatedly showing irrelevant or inaccurate advertisements.

Lenovo literally wandered the smartphone without a bezel, only to launch a device with a huge chin in the lower part. Then there were people who used images from DSLR in their smartphones. one plus

The latest entry in that list is OnePlus, the company whose motto is “Never Settle” in the smartphone world

An eagle-eyed Twitter user saw an advertisement run by OnePlus on the Instagram App of Facebook, which is most clearly misleading. one plus

Advertisement for OnePlus 6T shows a device. The OnePlus marketing team probably could not understand that there would be nothing except a bad idea to show the device with the small top and bottom beads. one plus

The device in question is much thinner than OnePlus 6T and has raised eyebrows. one plus

This is the first time that a tech company has tried to advertise in the name of the actual product.

Google recently saw bezels on Pixel 3XL in one of its Google home ads. The search giant quickly corrected it and showed more creators on its YouTube platform.

In the past, we have seen netizens such a mistake and then have taken Twitter to expose the mistake.

However, it is not always backfired for these tech companies and many people will believe that OnePlus 6T is a bezel-less phone and it has paid a visit to the company’s website.

However, it is important that tech companies refrain from using such products.

These mistakes are equivalent to wrong information and are good for consumers. OnePlus has not said anything about this advertisement right now, but it is something that the company needs to improve soon.



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