PM Modi to ‘stay home’ for 2019 battle, no foreign trips on cards


In the runup for the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be ‘staying home’ in 2019 and focus on domestic issues.

There are reports that no foreign travel is scheduled in the first four months of the Prime Minister’s 2019. According to The Hindustan Times, officials have ensured that PM is not a serious global negotiation in the first quarter of 2019.

This report has come at a time when the BJP is analyzing the addiction during recently concluded assembly elections. The loss in Hindi heart states has forced the BJP to introspect and seek out a new strategy. Although there are many big names in the ruling party, PM Modi is a star campaigner

The BJP has to face opposition on Modi’s foreign visits. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has attacked the Prime Minister and has said that he is always traveling and he has no problem.

Earlier in July, the government had disclosed details of PM Modi’s foreign visits. According to Minister VK Singh, PM Modi has visited 84 countries in the last four years. These visits cost the National Treasury Rs 1,484 crore.

According to data presented by Singh in the Rajya Sabha, Rs 1588.42 crores spent on the maintenance of the Prime Minister and Rs. 387.26 crores spent between the chartered flights between June 15, 2014 and June 10, 2018.

The total expenditure on the hotline was Rs.1 9.12 crores.

Since assuming the office of Prime Minister in May 2014, PM Modi visited 84 countries in 42 foreign tours

The Minister also told the Upper House that the Prime Minister visited maximum 24 countries in 2015-16 and after that, 18 countries in 2017-18 and 19 in 2016-17.

In 2014-15, the cost of chartered flights for overseas destinations was 93.76 crores, while in 2015-16 it was 117 crores rupees. In 2016-17, the cost was 76.27 crores and in 2017-18, the expenditure on chartered flight was Rs 99.32 crores.

In 2014-15, PM Modi toured 13 countries in the first one in June 2014 as the Prime Minister of Bhutan. In 2018, he traveled 10 countries till July. His last foreign trip was Japan



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