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Premier League: Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk seal Christmas top spot for Liverpool

Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk seal Christmas top spot for Liverpool
Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk seal Christmas top spot for Liverpool

Liverpool passed another string test of their Premier League title credentials because Mohammed Salah and Virgil van Dijak gave him a 2-0 victory over Wolverhampton on Friday, which guarantees top spot on Christmas.

Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk seal Christmas top spot for Liverpool
Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk seal Christmas top spot for Liverpool

The 11th goal of the season of Salah was a spectacular one and it helped him get a great start.

The domestic team continued to push strongly against Jorgon Clap, but in the end, their resistance broke down with 22 minutes as Van Dezek displayed a magnificent performance, which scored 48 points with a position on the side of the table Strengthened

Manager Jürgen Kloppe said: “The first goal was fantastic, it was good, and the other goal – yes, well done. I’m completely happy with the result and it’s big for us.

“We will train on Christmas morning so it’s like every other day. It’s an excellent number (of points), it’s quite quiet.”

While Liverpool has struggled to fight Manchester City’s attacking ability many times, they are on January 3, with their additional defensive steel making them the biggest contender for their Premier League era’s first title.

In the first half of the wet, air molnax, he indicated that the most entertaining players in the last season are returning.

In the attack, Sadio built an impressive relationship with Saddo and Robert Fermino, and added to the side of the cloth before joining his tally.

Then, when Wolves managed to reduce the risk of Liverpool’s attack, their defense clicked in the gear to silence a dangerous borderline with Van Dezek in excellent form in the heart of the back four.

Clop’s men finished a nerve-opening, when in the fourth minute, the deficiency of Fabienne in concentration saw Joao Muthinho’s way. Muthinho fed Adamama Trore, but he made a shot wide narrow.

The trail threatened again after being supplied by Rauer Jimenez’s concrete link-up drama

Early occasions were rare for visitors and when someone came, James Milner’s Corner van Dijak fell for, the Dutchman’s shot was charged by Matt Doherty.

Connor Cade’s excellent pass and a clean touch release of Doherty made a round of the best shot of Romance Sas, with a best move of Wolves, whose shot was saved by Alison as well as it was a deflection from Dodge Lauren.

Liverpool were at the back foot, but refused to deny the goal goal of their first goal made by 18 minutes advice.

Fabieno was an architect with a driving run and one-two clean, with a couple of simple, before he reached Salah at home.

The Reds pushed for each other and Rui Patrickio saved well from James Miller, but there were also wolves, as well as Alison compelled to save Johnny Castro Otto.

Volvo’s pressure was making life difficult for Clop’s side, but he doubled his head and effectively sealed his win with 22 minutes remaining.

A corner was cleaned as a salaah, which gave a teasing cross, from which Van Dijak turned the ball towards the house.

Morgan Gibbs-White should have reduced the edge of Liverpool, but the Wolves youth fired in the side netting.

The Dutchman had a significant effect on both ends because Jurgen Klopp’s Reds saw wolves to open four points of difference in the city of Molinux.
Do not feed scousers.

Liverpool will be on top of this Christmas Premier League tree after gobbling up another three points in Molinux. The insult of Wolverhampton Wanderers fans may be reduced to disrupting Jorgon Clap because they won the seventh straight league victory in Manchester City to open four points, which play Crystal Palace on Saturday.

It was not always very beautiful – in the driving rain, it was unlikely to happen anytime – but thanks to the campaign in half from Mohammed Salah and Virgil van Dix, and the 11th clean sheet of the campaign, Reds got the job again. “It was a mature performance,” Clop argued. He got that right

The speed of running the goal of Salah shows the sign of slowing down. Here, he has coincided with his 14th goal of the season, a clinical, almost noncolant finish with a Fabiengo aid outside his left leg – that is, two games for Brazil, coincidentally.

She is now the one-time leading scorer of the Premier League with 11; He is not in the mood to give up his golden boot yet, it seems.

For good measure, Egypt also set the second goal of Liverpool, which was the home of a cross-diversed house covered by Van Dijk for his first league strike for the club, Midway through the second half.

That Dutchman demonstrated an innocent performance, which is certainly not the same in terms of center-backs. You get what you get in football; And a year ago, Liverpool paid top dollar for a very special guard.

Van dijek liverpool wolves 2018

“See him, and we see him scoring,” the trip sang, who enjoyed himself on Friday night despite the possibility of weather and M6. They know a player when they see one. Van Dezek, £ 75 million, is the real deal.

Liverpool has given some good indications in recent years, but some have such a changeable effect. Seven targets have been accepted in 18 games this season, which tells their story; They match the Premier League record tonight. Defend them and see them score.

There are times when it seems almost easy for the 27-year-old. The ball in the box for the rescue? no problem. Switch of game to be executed? easy. Definitely a foot-race with the fastest player in the league, Adama Toraire? Count me It was the display of the highest quality from a player, who was changing him from the time when he passed through Enfield’s door.

In the form of this with Van Dezek, and with the advice, there is a riot on the other end, who still stop Liverpool? They were not impeccable here, but the standards that their players set for themselves are no longer worth it. The second gear is currently sufficient.

For its credit, wolves had offered more than Manchester United this week. Nuno Espirito Santo men forced mistakes by reds in an equally first half, and kept them away fast in the second period. Ultimately, however, this was the class told and it was all from Liverpool.

Salah’s goal was such a case, in which Fabinho and Sadio were a patiently working step with Mane, which ended with a cross-driving on a six-yard line, where the head of the Reds, Rui Patricio Wanted to easily shock Celebrating Salah also received a smile. Ritual greetings, in fact

Advice Kita Liverpool wolves 2018

After this Liverpool played some fantastic things, which was not a finish. Van Dijek was one mile away, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho created an impressive midfield partnership, and some touch of Salah was just lofty.

One of them, after a half-clean corner at 68 minutes, brought a delicate cross, the clinic target of the van decker in the box. Egypt could have been more, but to determine Patricio, who had a good game for the domestic team. “Did he do some sprints?” Smiling claps, who, with Henderson and Fabinho being particularly strong in that area, praised the way to “control” the game after the break.

As it is, two goals and three more points will be for reds, which entertain Newcastle on Boxing Day. Rafa Benitez has seen it with a smile, there is no doubt in it. She definitely loves the Reds, but those who are looking for weaknesses in the Reds Armory are being disappointed every week. This train bus goes on.

“Good game, worthy of victory at a difficult place,” said


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