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Photos reveal group calling and low light mode might come to Google Duo


One of the interesting stories out of Google in 2018 was the continuing fragmented nature of the company’s overall strategy when it comes to applications and platforms.

While Apple has the simplicity of iMessage, and Facebook has a successful standalone app like WhatsApp and Messenger, Google’s effort to present consumers with messaging tools are lack of simplicity and many options, none of which are good enough was not.

Theirs As soon as 2018 comes close, though, the company has gradually started to improve – the company’s video chat app Google Duo is emerging as a success, it is now a 1 billion download hit on the Play Store.

According to the people of Android Police, this is being tested some new useful features and can come into the app soon, such as low-light mode as well as group calling.

It seems that the new group calling feature will support eight people in total (including you), with a “Create Group” option, to allow users to choose who to add to a call, and even the group There is also permission to name it. Once the call is started, however, it appears that this – no extra addition to that point can be made, at least according to this initial glance.

Meanwhile, such reports have also emerged that low light mode – how this feature works in other applications – the same way Google Duo can be on the way. As noted by 9to5Google, Duo will show a message to the user in a dark environment that inspires him to switch to this mode. It then claims to “automatically adjust your video in a dark environment” so that others can see you better. ”

Google Duo – which was announced back in 2016, for the first time, it is still relatively new – a mark of 1 billion downloads on the Play Store shortly before Christmas. This is contrary to the fate of another Google messaging property, Allo, as we told in recent months that Google is being wound up due to lack of user.

Group Calling and a low light mode are rumored for some time in Google Duo, but now we have the first glimpse of the features in action. With the signal of weak mode in March, Kodi found evidence for groups of a tear in March. Thanks to an anonymous source, we have both screens.

Since the launch, one of the most requested duo features is group calling, some Apple’s facetime now supports 32 users simultaneously. It’s finally coming in duo, though only for seven people. You must first create a group with those contacts, with whom you want to video chat, and then you can start a call with everyone at the same time.

It does not seem that you can add someone to a group during the call, at least not yet. Tapping on the name of the group in the lower right corner of the call gives you a list of only group members. You can create multiple groups and they will appear in your contact list at the top for easy access.

Both of our toppers and their contacts had both new options and were therefore able to test the group call, although they are not able to answer other users whether they currently have lack of facilities. It seems that this can be a limited regional trial, perhaps controlled by a server-side switch.

Low light mode is a bit less exciting but still welcome. When you are in the room or are dark, a pop-up will be able to see if you want to enable low light mode. If you choose to do this, it “automatically adjusts your video in a dark environment so that others can see you better.” It is not clear how it works, but it can be very useful. We will imagine that you will be able to turn it on in settings, although we can confirm this at this time.

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