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What is cyber security? | Cyber ​​Security Tutorial | Why cyber security is important?

what is cyber security
what is cyber security

What is cyber security?

Cyber ​​Security Introduction

“Cyber ​​security is primarily about people, processes and technologies, including computer network operations, information assurance, laws, including risk reduction, vulnerability reduction, detention, international engagement, event response, flexibility and recovery policies and activities. Including Enforcement, etc. “

Cyberspace refers to a group of technologies used to protect security networks, programs and data integrity from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

From the point of view of computing, security includes data centers and other computerized systems which are used by both enterprises to prevent unauthorized access to cyber security and physical security. Information Security, designed to maintain the secrecy, integrity and availability of data, is a subset of cyber security. Use of cyber security can help prevent cyber attacks, data breaks and identity theft and help in risk management.

Therefore, when talking about cyber security, then there can be no surprise that “What are we trying to protect against ourselves?” Well, there are three main aspects that we are trying to control, namely:

Unauthorized access
Unauthorized extinction
Unauthorized modification

These three words are synonymous with the most commonly known CIA triad, which stands for privacy, integrity and availability. The CIA triad is also commonly known as three pillars of security and most security policies of an organization are made on these three principles.

Cyberspace is the security of systems connected to the Internet, including hardware, software and data from cyber attacks. It is composed of two words, one is cyber and the other is security. Cyber ​​is related to technology, which includes systems, networks and programs or data. Whereas security related security, which includes system security, network security and application and information security.

It is a system designed to protect the networks, devices, programs and data from technologies, processes, and practices, attacks, theft, damage, modification or unauthorized access. It can also be known as information technology security.

Cyber ​​Security Tutorial

We can also define cyber computing as a set of principles and practices designed to protect online information against our computing resources and threats. Due to the large dependence on computers in the modern industry, an abundance of confidential and essential information about people is collected and communicated, cyber security is an important task and there are many businesses of essential insurance.


Why cyber security is important?

We live in a digital era which understands that our personal information is more vulnerable than ever. We all live in a world that ranges from internet banking to governmental infrastructure, where data is stored on computers and other devices. Part of that data can be sensitive information, whether it is intellectual property, financial data, personal information or other types of data, for which there are negative consequences of unauthorized access or risk.

Cyber-attack is now an international concern and has given many concerns that hacks and other security attacks can put the global economy in danger. Organizations transmit sensitive data to the network and other devices while doing business, and Cyber ​​Security describes the information and processes or systems that are used to preserve or archive it.

As the volume of cyber attacks increases, companies and organizations, particularly national security, health or financial records, need to take steps to deal with information related to their sensitive business and personal information.


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