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Microsoft Issues Security Alert Over Cyber Attack: Reports


Media reports have said that Microsoft has warned some of its web mail users about possible hacker attacks, which can access their email accounts illegally.

In an email notification for some affected users on Saturday, Microsoft said that it was aware of an issue in which some customers’ web-based email accounts were included by unauthorized access by cyber criminals.

Xinhua said in the email, “We have identified that the credentials of Microsoft Support Agent are compromised, from which users outside Microsoft can receive information from 1 January to 28 March in your Microsoft email account.”

Email addresses, folder names, and subject lines email said that unauthorized access allowed unauthorized parties to access or access information of Microsoft email user accounts.

However, the software giants said that the content of the documents attached to the email will not be read or seen, and did not specify how many Outlook.com mail service users were affected.

“Microsoft respects any inconvenience due to this problem,” the company said, recommending that users affect their login password.

The company assured its users that the compromised credentials were immediately disabled to prevent any unauthorized access.

Microsoft has offered contact information for its data protection officer.


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