Army Chief General Vipin Rawat said in the program of National Human Rights Commission held in Delhi that the armed forces of the country are secular and fully respect human rights laws. He said- The army protects the human rights of its people as well as that of the enemy. Prisoners are treated according to the Geneva Treaty.

In the NHRC’s ‘Protection of Human Rights and Warbanding’ program in Delhi, General Rawat said, “With changing technology, the methods of fighting have also changed. In the case of terrorist attacks, international laws like traditional fighting also do not exist. In such a situation, along with overcoming the situation, it is also necessary to win the hearts of the people. The army takes special care that common people should not get caught in the fight against terrorists. ”

Human rights branch created in army headquarters
General Rawat said that now the recruitment of women is being started in the army in view of the circumstances coming in front of the special operation.

After every operation against terrorism, a ‘Court of Inquiry’ is done, in which the details of all the incidents are present. A human rights branch has been set up at the army headquarters. Complaints of human rights violations can be made against military personnel here.

Army follows the instructions of the Supreme Court
Referring to the Armed Forces Privilege Act, the Army Chief said – In this, the army has got the same powers as the police in the matter of search and interrogation. Special training is also given to soldiers before counter-terrorism operations. The Army strictly follows the Supreme Court guidelines in this case.

There was a ruckus on the statement of the army chief

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said in Delhi’s program on Thursday – “The leader is not the one who misleads people.” We have seen a large number of university and college students becoming part of the crowd for arson and violent demonstrations. There is a leader of this mob, but in reality it is not leadership.

”The Army Chief’s statement was in reference to the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The debate was sparked by the military’s involvement in political issues. CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury even tweeted that “Are we walking the path of Pakistan?”


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