Modi does not behave like Prime Minister, we are not allowed to speak in Parliament: Rahul Gandhi…


There was a lot of uproar in the Lok Sabha on Friday over the statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Tubelight’ stance on Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader said that he (Modi) does not behave like the Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi said that generally a Prime Minister has special status, a Prime Minister behaves in a special way, he has a special stature, but our Prime Minister does not have these things. He does not behave like the Prime Minister.

During his reply to the motion of thanks on the President’s address to the Lok Sabha, Rahul was asked questions about Modi’s ‘tublight’ stance. To which he said that there was the issue of Medical College in Wayanad, which I wanted to raise in the House. If I had spoken, obviously the BJP would not have liked it. We are not allowed to speak in Parliament. Watch the video Manikam Tagore (Congress MP) did not attack anyone, but he was attacked.

Lok Sabha adjourned for the whole day

On the resumption of the Lok Sabha meeting at 2 pm, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi called the Congress’s behavior unfair. On this, members of Congress started shouting slogans and amidst the uproar, the presiding chairman A Raja adjourned the proceedings for the whole day. Before this, the Lok Sabha was adjourned twice due to the uproar.


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