Relevance – Initial (about KPIT shine and its purpose)
whats’s the news
 KPIT is a global leader in automotive software and mobility solutions
KPIT Sparkle 2020 winners out of 30 selected teams announced
Presented his ideas on transformational solutions in mobility and energy.
To know! About KPIT Sparkle
N KPIT Sparkle is an innovation platform that nurtures, mentors, and
Supports aspiring entrepreneurs and connects them with incubators
Ecosystems to transform their inventive ideas into viable products.
Level KPIT develops the culture of Sparkle, an annual national level competition.
Innovation by inspiring students from STEM (Science, Technology)
Engineering, management) streams to identify and solve real life
Problems in sustainability by designing new technology-enabledness. It encourages and facilitates students to be intellectually secure
Property for their solution.
Graduate program provided to students of undergraduate, postgraduate and,
PHD. Courses from science, engineering, design, and management
Opportunity to develop colleges and universities across India
Smart, safe and clean solutions for the energy and transportation sectors.
To know! More information about KPIL (its association with various institutions)
 KPIT partnered with Center for Innovation Incubation &
Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad; Incubation cell, Indian
Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai; Science and Technology Park,
University of Pune; Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and
Leadership, College of Engineering Pune; Rtech (AIC), one of the first
Corporate Atal Incubation Centers set up under Atal Innovation
Mission (AIM); Sandeep Incubators (AIC); And to provide forge
Opportunities for incubation to get ideas.
 KPIT Sparkle 2020 is paired with DST; NITI Aayog Atal
Innovation Mission (AIM); All India Council for Technical Education
(AICTE); Design Council of India; National Institute of Design; And O.N.G.C.
Energy Center as its knowledge partners.


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