Pragyan Conclave 2020 (March 06 2020)
Pragyan Conclave 2020 (March 06 2020)

Relevance – Preliminary (About the Knowledge Conclave)
whats’s the news

“PRAGYAN Conference 2020”, two-day Indian Army International Symposium
Being organized by the Center for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), which began on 04
March 2020 at Manekshaw Center, New Delhi.
To know! More about the event
International The event brings together a cross-domain of national and international experts
Land Changing Character of the Land War and the complex subject of विमर्श deliberations
Its Impact on Military ‘.
On Seminar provided a platform to discuss emerging ideas, perspectives
And the narratives that define ‘New Age Warfare’, which are moving towards a change in their character as well as warships with the use of new ‘tools’.
 Technological revolution – Information warfare in multi domain operations
Cyber ​​and space war and AI and robotics have some new implications
The domains of warships in fighting in the 21st century war.
 With the advent of w ith technology, the armed forces need to be agile and keep pace with
Constant change.



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