Relevance – Preliminary (about Setu Bharatam and its purpose)
whats’s the news
 Government envisages replacement of all level crossings
National highway by road over bridge or road under bridge
Under the Setu Bharatam Scheme.
To know! More about it is this program is being implemented by road transport and
Ministry of Highways to ensure safe and smooth flow of traffic and
50 percent reduction in road accidents by 2020.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Sethu Bharatam Yojana
On March 4, 2016, to build a rail over-bridge or underpass
For safe and uninterrupted travel on national highways.
 Setu Bharatam program was started to make all national
Highway free from railway level crossings to stop
Frequent accidents and casualties at level crossings.
Transport Ministry of Road Transport Highways and Ministry of Railways
Have signed an MoU to replace all level crossings by road over
Bridge or road under bridge.
Chief unmanned railway crossings are one of the major reasons for rail
Accidents in India, such accidents are more in rural areas
Regions. It aims to eliminate all such crossings.
Year, such accidents can be avoided.


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