कोरोना संक्रमण
कोरोना संक्रमण

Experts are now coming forward to comment on the central government regarding the possibility of corona infection. Some people say that India is facing the penalty of becoming smarter. Former Foreign Secretary Shashank also says that there seems to have been disturbances at many levels.

We remained oblivious to China and its provinces, Wuhan and neighboring countries, including Nepal. People from Iran, Italy, Britain, Europe kept on visiting the country. Similarly, international commercial flights continued till the second week of March. Shashank also believes that India could not correctly assess the corona virus infection at the right time.

Pro. Dr. Ram is also clearly accepting negligence in this. He said that if something went wrong then suddenly why are patients growing so fast. Certainly the Central Government and our health agencies have failed to assess the danger accurately.

Former Foreign Secretary Shashank says on this question that China and the World Health Organization have hidden all information related to the corona infection. Revealed it much later. Therefore, the world came under its grip. India also arrived. But it was also bitter for Shashank that the World Health Organization long ago declared Corona an epidemic for the world community. In comparison, India received late attention.

We were helping China and others
Dr. Ashwin Choubey says that when India should have been alert, it was helping other countries. Ashwin says that the Indian government has provided medical supplies to China on a large scale after it was affected by the corona infection. Other countries would also have been given medical help.

He justifies the question of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has alleged two days ago that India is fighting a corona infection and by the third week of March the country exported masks, sanitizers and others.

Dr. Ashwin Choubey says that India does not have an authentic kit for corona infection at the moment. Nothing can be said about the authenticity of the kit that the National Institute of India, Pune is investigating. According to Dr. Choubey, if India wants to import test kits, security kits or anything from other countries of the world, at this time I do not think anyone will be able to help.

How did we get engulfed in the corona virus infection cycle?
The assessment of former Foreign Secretary Shashank in this matter is being liked by everyone. Shashank says that the corona virus infection spread to Wuhan. China’s Wuhan province and China are directly connected to all the countries of the world. His citizens live, trade and belong.

From there, Corona spread to the countries of the world. In contrast, our preparations and vigilance were more on China, its province of Wuhan, Nepal and the neighboring country. So that no infected people from China get into India. According to Shashank, during this time people from all the countries of the world came to our country.

All Indians living abroad also came. They visited their villages, homes and areas. Those who had portions of the infection also infected others. Now the Central Government and its agencies feel that there has been a big lapse.


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