Home News 11-year-old child killed four-year-old innocent while playing ‘pubji’, accused arrested

11-year-old child killed four-year-old innocent while playing ‘pubji’, accused arrested

11 साल के बच्चे ने 'पबजी' खेलते हुए चार साल के मासूम की हत्या कर दी, आरोपी गिरफ्तार| हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए पेज न. 2 पर जाये


A four-year-old girl was killed by an 11-year-old child while playing the online game PUBG in Kathwari, village of Achhnera police station in Agra district. After this, his body along with his relative was buried in mustard (straw). People were surprised when the police revealed the incident on Sunday.
Police arrested an 11-year-old child and his relative Sohan in the murder of four-year-old Nimmi on April 2 in Kathwari village. Inquiries from these revealed that the child had caught Nimmi by holding her neck while cheating while playing a pubji game, which cost her life.

Later, together with the relative, the dead body was pressed into mustard seed (straw). Sohan, a laborer, lives on rent in Nimmi’s house. Nimmi’s body was found buried in a pile of straw in a buffalo enclosure in Shamser’s house.
The crime in front of the police in the inquiry
When the questioning was going on on suspicion, Sohan, who was staying in the house of Shamser, said that he had no information, yes .. Nimmi’s slippers were found lying in the enclosure. When the police recovered the slippers, the suspicion increased on Sohan.

Inspector in-charge of the police station said that he was strictly questioned and told that he was murdered, not his 11-year-old relative, who lives with him. The child told that he was playing a pubji game on Sohan’s mobile.

The cartoon seen in the game was holding a girl by the neck. Nimmi was standing there. He grabbed his neck and lifted it up. this caused his death. When he told Sohan, he hid the body in a straw.

A noose of rope was thrown around the neck

Sohan was produced in court. From there he was sent to jail. The child has been sent to a child improvement home. The child said that the relative (Sohan) had tied a rope around Nimmi’s neck, so that the police would understand that the murder was not done by chance but deliberately, it would have made the suspect suspicious.


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