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Modern History Of India P-1



Modern History Of India

Point vise description. For a quick revision.

  • Rise of British rule in India.
  • Columbus named America as Red Indian
  • Vasco da Gama lands in Kozhikode, and is warmly welcomed by the Samoothiri of Kozhikode.
  • Zamorin was the title of king of kozhikode, west bengal.

Country’s who came firstly in India.

  1. Portuguese (20 May 1498 AD.)
  2. Dutch (1602 AD.)
  3. British (1608 AD.)
  4. Danish (1616 AD.)
  5. French (1664 AD.)
  6. Swedish (1731 AD.)

East India Company : –

As British was having the biggest influence in the history of India so we will start from here.

  • Arrival of British was the out-come of the Portuguese profit by selling merchandise in India.
  • A group of English merchants “Merchants adventures” formed the East India Company in 1599 AD.
  • Company also received Royal charter by Queen Elizabeth I on Dec 31, 1600 AD.
  • Queen was also a share holder in the EIC

A bit about the EIC (East India Company)

  • Company was formed in 1599 AD.
  • In 1608 AD. EIC send “Caption Willion Howkins”
  • Hawkins travelled to Agra to negotiate consent for a factory from Emperor Jahangir in 1609.
  • He got permission to established the factory at Western Cost of India.
  • In 1615 AD. “Sir Thomas Roe” was sent by Emperor James I of England to Jahangir’s Court.
  • He succeed in getting permission to trade in whole Mughal area.

EIC come in western coast in Surat Gujrat. They were having conflicts with the –

  • Sikh
  • Marathas
  • Mysure
  • Dutches
  • French
  • Bengal

Blue Star Policy – by Portuguese for tax on Ships.



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