Sushant Singh Rajput started his journey as a background dancer and over the years, he charmed fans with his swift dance moves. Choreographer Pavan Shetty had closely worked with the actor when they shot for the song ‘Sweetheart’ from ‘Kedarnath’. Reminiscing his initial meeting with the actor, Pavan told ETimes, “First time when I told Sushant that I was choreographer, he spoke very nicely and we almost became like friends over time. There were no tantrums and he would talk to us very politely. He was a very nice, good-hearted person. Even when we were shooting, he would ask me if the shot was proper and if there was any mistake. When I would suggest a change to Sushant bhai, he would always take it positively. He never refused to do re-takes. He was very grounded, had no airs at all.”

Pavan personally taught steps to Sushant for the song, wherein the actor romanced Sara Ali Khan. They rehearsed continuously for four days and shot for ‘Sweetheart’ for another four days. “Sushant was a very good dancer. The steps of ‘Sweetheart’ were not very tough and Sushant learnt the entire song on the very first day itself. He was very fast in picking up the steps but he was also a perfectionist. So if there was a particular move that he couldn’t do, we suggested a change but he insisted to practice it to perfection. These days there are actors who would want to change a tough step, but he was the opposite. He would never change the step and would work on it,” revealed Pavan, who had also worked as a background dancer on Sushant Singh Rajput’s TV show.

Sharing one of their conversations Pavan added, “I always asked him about his struggle from TV to movies. Once during a conversation Sushant told me, ‘I have struggled a lot but I feel good that I am at this position today’. He felt happy about his achievements. He never spoke about any negativity.”

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